November Horoscope: Gemini

October might have been a bit challenging, exciting, and quite unpredictable all at the same time. Mercury is finally about to come out of retrograde and there are a lot of changes coming your way. If you are a Gemini and you have been wondering what November has in store for you, we got you covered, so just keep reading!

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If you are born from the 21st of May and up until the 21st of June, then you are a Gemini. Most people know Geminis to be either two-faced or too outgoing, there really is no in-between with them. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the twins of the zodiac, and you will surely have the time of your lives whenever you are in a Gemini’s company.

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Everybody knows that a Gemini is the life of the party, and no gathering is complete without the twins. Geminis are naturally affectionate and they will always go out of their way in order to please a friend. They are also known to be one of the smartest signs out of all the zodiacs!

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If you feel like you are about to burst with your emotions, then the best person to call is a Gemini. They are very much in tune with their emotional well-being, but they are also quite in tune with their senses. So a Gemini is the best wingman when it comes to existential crises.

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Most people have at least one Gemini in their lives. They are so loyal and independent and just oozing with life. More often than not, a Gemini will make you come out of your shells and this is something that you will either love them or hate them for.

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Bear in mind though that they only want what is best for you, and they have a keen sense of responsibility to make their friends feel alive as well. We all know that a Gemini is fun in human form, and this is something that is just expected of them. Geminis love life, they love their friends, and they work harder than anybody else out there.

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Just like everything else in life, Geminis have their good and their bad sides. Being friends with a Gemini means that you will have to keep up with their never-ending craving for an adrenaline rush. Plus, you will have to keep up with their never-ending mood swings because their moods change quicker than a flash of lightning.

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More often than not, Geminis will go out of their ways to make their friends feel loved, and then they will turn sulky when the same effort is not reciprocated. Geminis also have the tendency to make you feel dumb whenever you are with them, but this is not something that you have to take personally. Geminis are great fun in general, but they can also be quite the handful!

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It is not surprising at all to know that Hollywood is dominated by Geminis. Naturally, Geminis have a strong sense of confidence and they do have the star quality needed in order to make it in Tinseltown. Some of our favorite actors like Marilyn Monroe, Neil Patrick Harris, and Grace Kelly are actually Geminis.

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Not only that, Hollywood’s most popular twins, The Olsen Twins, are actually Geminis. It is something that is quite well known because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are some of the best examples of Geminis out there. They are both beautiful, intelligent, and just fun to be around with...and obviously, they are twins!

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This coming month is looking extraordinarily unpredictable when it comes to a Gemini’s love life. November might be a great time to focus on communication because this might be something that is lacking in your relationships from the previous months. If you are a Gemini who is working with your partner, then it is super important to not let work matters interfere.

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Worry not our single Geminis because November is looking particularly pleasant for you. According to the stars, you might be in luck with finding a partner...but only until the 22nd of November. If nothing really exciting happens before that, then it might be better to just sit this one out and wait until the next month arrives...

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November is also looking particularly unstable when it comes to your family matters. If you are a Gemini who is still living at home, then bear in mind to not get into an argument with your parents or with any older members of your family because it might get pretty awkward. However, if you are living alone then this is nothing to worry about. 

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Bear in mind that more often than not, we all have different ideas of what is best for us and sometimes our more senior family members might tend to not realize that. Give them the benefit of the doubt this month and maybe just extend your patience a tad bit longer. Trust us when we tell you that it will be worth it in the end!

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As for your friendships, this month is looking particularly cheerful. One of your best friends will share some really great news and this will be a reason for a great celebration. We all know that Geminis love a good party, so this might be your time to shine!

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We also know how much Geminis love a good party and being the center of attention. However, you might want to just lay low a little bit because you have to remember that the celebration is about your best friend and not about you. So enjoy it but also be a tad bit considerate of your friends’ feelings and it will surely be a one to remember.

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The past month might have been super stressful for you when it comes to your work life, and you might feel a tad bit burnt out. However, this coming month will be a month where you will be seeing breakthroughs. All those sleepless nights will finally be worth it because you will see a great rise in your career.

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This could mean that your bosses might see your further potential in your company or you will have an even greater bond with your colleagues or even a promotion at work! November will be a great month for you career-wise, and you will have more confidence in your work. So just keep on doing what you are doing but do not be afraid to slow down and rest. 

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As a Gemini, you probably know how to take care of your well-being and you probably like to do a lot of exercises. This is a good thing because these activities can help you lead a healthier and more well-balanced lifestyle. November is a great month for you health-wise because there are no health hindrances coming your way.

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The same goes for your financial matters because you will be getting some good news this November. This might mean that you will get a promotion or monetary compensation from something that you might have long forgotten. Although this is not a reason to spend all your money in one place, bear in mind that it is always great to be financially stable.



It is never easy to find the ‘perfect’ partner for a Gemini because they will always want to do something new and exciting. Since this is exactly the type of relationship that an Aries is looking for this November, so why not make a move on that special Aries in your lives? Who knows where this ideal relationship will take you in the end?

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You might want to stay away from a Pisces this month because you will both drive each other mad. We all know that both Geminis and Pisces are quite the polar opposites, and this month is not a time to test the waters. If there is a special Pisces in your life, then you might want to keep your distance from them and just wait a tad bit longer.

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As we have previously mentioned above, a match between a Gemini and an Aries is highly encouraged this November. Both signs love adventure, they both love trying new things, and they both want to live their lives to the fullest. If there is a special Aries that you have been eyeing for quite a while now, then this is the perfect time to make your move!

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In contrast to a Gemini, a Taurus is actually very stable. This might seem like a trait that a Gemini might not like nor possess, but they can find comfort and stability with a Taurus by their sides. A relationship between a Gemini and a Taurus is the perfect example of opposites attract.

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Geminis love being in the company of their fellow Geminis because nobody understands them better. There will be mutual trust and a whole lot of adventures for both Geminis this coming month and this is the perfect time to initiate a romantic relationship. If you have been eyeing a Gemini for quite a while now, then you might want to make your move while the stars align. 

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This coming month, there is a chance for a Gemini and Cancer to develop a strong and sound partnership. The quick wits of a Gemini and the silly sense of humor of a Cancer make them the perfect power couple out of all the zodiacs. Once you find your special Cancer, you might never want to leave their sides...ever!

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Another great match for the coming month of November is that of a Gemini and a Leo. Naturally, Leos have a great vibe and a great sense of adventure within them, and this is something that is very attractive for a Gemini. If you have been eyeing a special Leo for a while now, then this is the perfect time to make your move because the stars are just simply in your favor.

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A match between a Gemini and a Virgo is not really encouraged but at the same time, it is not really discouraged as well. As a matter of fact, if you have been looking for a person to share a platonic relationship with, then a Virgo might be the perfect match for you. Both signs have the same level of intellect and a Virgo can really impress a Gemini.

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