November Horoscope: Capricorn

Mars really did bring some ruckus in your life as it moves backward in the sky this October, didn’t it? Well, hang on just a little bit longer because November is also about to bring you something that will make you feel like you are on a mission. Read on and find out what drama and intrigue are coming for you. Spoiler: love is on the way! 

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People who are born between December 22 and January 19 belong to the cardinal sign, Capricorn. The zodiac belongs to the earth element and their lucky numbers are 4, 8, 13, and 22. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. It is a sign that represents time and responsibility, yes, because Saturn is the God of time. 

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As this sign belongs to the element of earth, you’re fully grounded and practical in life. You don’t just focus on the material world, but you can make the best use out of it. It’s just a little bit of a downside that this element makes you look stiff sometimes and they are also stubborn to move on from a previous relationship.

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If you are a Capricorn, maybe you already know that a smile is the best weapon. It is also your best defense when haters around you are throwing so much shade and you just don’t care. You can be the sweetest person on earth unless you are annoyed by someone, aren’t you? 

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You don’t usually talk or listen. You observe. Only then when it interests you will you pay attention. You just like to mix things up and you’re the sign that can bring either joy or chaos to life. Boy, they should be careful when they think that you’re their friend, for they don’t know how picky you are when it comes to that.

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You, Capricorns, are intelligent and detail-oriented people who will not take no for an answer. Your hard-working attitude is just so inspiring that people around you also tend to work harder whenever you’re around. You believe you can achieve anything when you set your heart on it and it’s one of your greatest power. 

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You are always ready to learn a new skill. May it be from changing a tire or cooking eggs properly, you take it as a challenge that you must undertake. Your attitude makes you a master of all trades and you have esoteric knowledge that looks so impressive to the people who know about that.

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Yes, your peers admire you but there are also some things that they can understand about you sometimes. You can be incredibly hard on yourself and your friends will not understand why, because they know your full potential. You can also be too stubborn, and no one can ever change your mind.

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You also hold grudges for a long time, and you don’t even express what others can do in order to make it up to you. Also, you have the habit to hold other people in your life to impossible standards. Remember to broaden your horizon and perspective in order to get through this month!

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Knowing the abilities of Capricorns, it is no surprise that many of you are already basking in the spotlight. Celebrities who are Capricorn surely have also gone through some hardships in life, but thanks to your stubborn nature, they are continually pushing through. Kit Harrington is one of the proofs, Bradley Cooper too!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Getty Images for National Board of Review/Dia Dipasupil | Bradley Cooper attends The National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on January 8, 2019

Little Woman star Timothée Chalamet is really turning heads as he goes from one movie hit to another. Well, John Legend is really a Capricorn legend when it comes to vocals, and NBA Champ LeBron James also knows how to play his game. Other Capricorn stars are Meredith Vieira, Diane Keaton, and of course, Duchess Kate Middleton.

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It’s your month in the love department as romance will be quite exciting for you during this period. If you have been waiting for someone special who will take your breath away, don’t sweat! You may not have to do anything; they may just simply appear in front of you out of the blue.

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If you already have a partner, you are advised to stay reserved as there are possibilities of unnecessary misunderstanding. It will be good if you’ll understand your partner’s intention regarding your relationship for this is the month to think about future possibilities… like marriage.

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This is going to be a transformative month for you as three major and transformative conjunctions (Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, and Jupiter-Saturn) will be happening in your sign. Your friendships and connections are constantly changing and only those that will help you grow will stay. So choose your friends wisely and remember that not everyone will be there all the time.

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Make sure that those who will surround you will lift you up and keep you energized for they will be the ones who will consistently bring happiness into your life. If you are not surrounded by these kinds of people, then you’re ready for a new one. Don’t let anything hold you back this November.

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This will be a tough month to be inside your home all the time for there will be a lack of laughter in it. The elders around you will seem so serious all the time that you won’t know how to act when they are around. Just keep your cool and stay away from confrontations so that it won’t get worse.

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Try not to stay at home too often in order to get away from serious conflicts and disputes. Let the awkwardness fade a little before you open up about topics that you would like to talk about. It won’t be long before your house will be filled with sunshine again, just hang on.

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Come on, Capricorn! Know your worth and capabilities so that the feelings of anxiety that you are not doing enough will not eat at you this November. This will be a tough month for your career as it will not bring many incentives for your work, but it does not mean that you are not working hard enough.

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There are just times that some aspects of life go downhill. Shake away that insecurity by going out with colleagues after a long day of work. Hangout with them and get to know how you can work well with them for they will appreciate you more for it. 

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It seems like November is just not your month for it brings you so many things to be worried about. However, you must get through it before proceeding to the next stage of your life so just be cautious and do everything that you can in order to protect what needs to be protected… especially your health.

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Never overlook your diet and proper exercise this month because it may be the cause of some of your illness. Take proper medicine and avoid home remedies. It’s just a no-no. Go to your doctor if there are some issues and don’t let it sit for too long before you decide to get serious in your medical treatment.

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Brace yourself for this will be yet again another sad news. It is advisable that you must not seek any loans or financial assistance now no matter how your finances go up and down. Make use of what you already have and plan accoridngly. Adjust your available fund and focus on the necessities.

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Some thriftiness for today will not hurt and you may actually enjoy it next time when your finances will once again flourish. Remember your bills and government payments if you don’t want to have a penalty. You may plan to sell some properties in order to pay back some debts, so, go on! That’s a good idea.

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As you are an ambitious one, you are also often attracted to ambitious partners than those who are laid back. You deserve people who are loyal, practical, goal-oriented, and even enigmatic. Who are the most compatible signs for someone like you? 

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You and Scorpio will be a power couple for you are a fascinating mix. You both would like to earn trust and don’t give it lightly either; achievement and financial well-being are important for you and Taurus, so you’ll do well together; kindred spirits as you are, you and Virgo will definitely create a successful relationship.  

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Now that you know the signs who will work well with you, it’s also a good thing to know those who are the least compatible with your personality so that you can prepare yourself. You just cannot work well with Leos for they always crave the attention of others and they will make you feel that you alone is not enough.

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You and Aries will find yourselves engulfed in a power struggle. However, once you get to accept each other’s strong desire to be in-charge (which is very unlikely), you will be one of the most powerful couples. Libra may be not too aggressive but they also avoid conflict all the time so they might appear annoying to you.

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You have similar traits and views which results in a sense of understanding with each other. You are into something natural and physicality is your love language. You prefer physical intimacy and you will have a lovely relationship with a fellow Capricorn. As a traditional zodiac, you are family-centered, which makes you both a potential partner at home.

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However, you two might want to see how similar you actually are, and until when will you keep the dark mood between you. Conflicts will arise whenever there is a desire to take over and control the other. Work on your mindset and make sure you are on the same page. Go for it, Capricorn!

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You might want to work on your passion more, dear Capricorn, especially if you are after an Aquarius! You also won’t want to devolve a growing relationship and treating it like an escape is a big no. Go for a union with an Aquarius and things will be smooth from there. You don’t want to leave Aquarius behind, right?

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Things will be great if there is an appreciation for hard work as you are both driven to achieve the best you can! Have November as a time for you to sit and communicate with your Aquarius half, especially that the stability of different forms is what you want. And above anything else, you have a solid foundation: friendship! This means something, right?

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Capricorn, your compatibility meter with Pisces is too high that you seem to be on cloud 9! You keep Pisces on reality check and you possess endless patience which your partner loves best. Ahh! Your interests bond you together so have fun this November with them. Prepare yourself for a ride with a Pisces!

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You will overlook the differences and value of new experiences. This calls for an adventure, isn’t it? You can look forward to a long-term relationship as you will be grounded and deeply rooted in loyalty, faithfulness, and openness. You are best at communicating your thoughts with each other so you won’t be having much of a problem!

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It is strange! You lock horns with a ram, dear goat! Aries is reckless and you are reserved. Quite a pair ... Do you know how this union would end? It will be dramatically favorable, especially after a series of communication settling the differences.

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There will be impatience along the way, especially for Aries. Competition is most likely to happen, and a battle of knowing who’s in control is very much a possible occurrence. However, November is all about working out these conflicts and realize you both are not all opposites! You are a confident duo and you value honesty. That’s a start, right?

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Capricorn, Taurus is slowly growing on you that you won’t take them for granted for sure! Despite your differences, you will see yourself thriving with Taurus to maintain a healthy and happy relationship! Though sometimes, in the midst of your relationship, you may have to dig deeper to the root of the issue and work from there.

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Not many things in common, but loves with no boundaries. That is what best describes this relationship! A least compatible partnership does not mean any possible relationship at all, right? There is just a need to working things out, communicating thoughts, and wanting to be with each other!

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Capricorn, take time this November and reassess your supposed relationship with a Gemini. Trusting your partner is the first thing and keeping them in check is the second. Openness will be your greatest weapon which consequently begets your comfortable relationship with one another! No need to hurry, this union is up for a long time if you want it to.

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Another opposite for you, Capricorn! This partner of yours tends to be emotional and sensitive which might put you off! However, if you want a lasting relationship with Cancer, you should be prepared for a challenge. You might even be conflicted as Cancer is a very unpredictable zodiac! But this is a kind of love that grows over time.

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November is here for you to link the opposite polarity of your relationship. You may be caught off guard by the different traits of Cancer but as long as you desire this relationship, you will be able to compromise. Talk things through and take your time to understand more. There is no need to hurry! 

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Spark is instantly ignited as both lay your eyes on one another, especially that you take your time and exert effort in making your appearance appealing to the eye. After a series of hanging out, you’ll realize that you are not just attracted to the physicality of the lion, but you actually have many things in common! 

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As you enjoy talking about similar interests, you will see that your difference is too subtle to actually cause a rift! This attraction and similarities result in more admirations! A team play is all you are for, and while your Leo partner enjoys all the planning, you are comfortable in the shadows as a supportive partner. What a team!

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Prepare for your conference! You might see your partner there! You and Virgo both find your career very fulfilling that you can say you are most likely to see your partner in your workplace. The good thing about this? You will support each other’s career and endeavors and you won’t need an explanation when working too much.

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There is a promise to a long-term relationship! As long as there are respect and loyalty, it’s not much of a problem for you and Virgo. You admire Virgo’s work ethics and are drawn towards this perfectionist partner of yours. The good thing about all these? You intuitively understand that you won’t be needing many words!

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If not in a conference room, walk slowly in crowded places because Libra as a fashion icon will attract you! It’s an instant attraction, yes! But keep an eye on the growing addiction! You two are in superficial attraction at first, admiring all the physicality of each other and in time, you will fall in love with your partner!

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The conflict emerges behind doors when you are out of the public eye. Even after seeing each other and knowing the other’s personality for a long time, you might see Libra as a stranger when masks go off. This makes your relationship appear superficial. November is the month to prove otherwise! Know your Libran partner with and without their masks!

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In love, you don’t just look at the body and mind, you also swim the depths of the soul. This is best in a combination of a Capricorn and a Scorpio. There is a physical attraction at first between the two of you. As you progress in your relationships, intimacy progress, too, in a manner you both like best!

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Your cool characteristics will be a hindrance to start a deeper connection. Lower that barrier and let Scorpio reach you. November will be all about establishing something promising with Scorpio: may it be a business partnership or a romantic one. 

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This is quite a challenging November as a conflict may have already risen between Capricorn and Sagittarius! Or is it really a conflict? You are becoming impatient with how things unfold in your love department so you are planning on taking a step further. 

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Sagittarius has been the one making decisions over the relationship for the past months and you will feel this urgency to do something about it. If something is yet to happen, you want it to happen. An urge is keeping you work yourself too much. Keep things cool and Sagittarius is there beside you. Calm down for a moment, Capricorn!

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The year 2020 seems like a fantasy and here’s a set of fantasy movies you will surely love! How To Train Your Dragon is the first on our list, joined by Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King! Shrek and Star Wars: The Last Jedi is on the list, too. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Mc Jefferson Agloro

You might not want to watch the entire Harry Potter Series but for November, you would want to see Harry’s last battle with Voldemort in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Call your friends and ask them to join you as you grab some popcorn and enjoy a fantastic night!

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Here is for your blasting headphones and a new playlist! A new set of songs specifically picked out for a dynamic Capricorn! Ignite the fire within you with Flames by R3HAB & Zayn or enjoy a sentimental Still Into you by Paramore! John Legend’s Preach and Cody Simson’s Golden Thing are great additions too! What are you waiting for?

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Extraordinary! You will start and end in 2020 in a very positive way. Exciting months are not over yet for November and December will be as exciting as the previous months! Your dreams and aspirations are slowly materializing in front of you and you are to call for a celebration for this small progress.

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Your career won’t have much of a difference; you will still be a hardworking career person. What’s exciting is the stars are in favor of you as 2020 ends! Be open to new partnerships both in business and love. Something will be growing from either of them.

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Don’t be too frustrated about not getting what you truly want! The stars are offering you more than what you desire. Make sure to look at yourself in the mirror and love the person you see. If not, be the person you want to see and want to be. Life is for you to enjoy this November. Have a blast! Be sure to share this article with your fellow Capricorns! 

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