The Most Viral Reddit Threads Ever

Reddit was founded in 2005 and has since become “the front page of the Internet”, with a variety of topics. From pictures of adorable kittens to relationship advice, whatever your interests are you will surely find a community on Reddit. While there are many threads that get lost on the “New” page, many others have become viral with thousands of views and upvotes. So, which are these viral threads we are talking about? Let’s have a look!

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One of the most popular Reddit threads is definitely “Ask Reddit”, which is described as “the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.” One of those questions, which quickly became one of the most answered ever, was “Who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?” Having been posted six years ago, it has given us some comedy pearls.

The most popular answer on the thread, with almost 18.000 points, was from a teacher who had encountered a very special student. For privacy purposes, the teacher opted to name the character of the story with the fake name Kevin, in order to ensure that the student’s real name wouldn’t be plastered online for anyone to find.

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The teacher told the story of her student Kevin who surprised her in ways she didn’t even know were possible. She began her answer by explaining that “It's not uncommon as a teacher to have students who are a bit behind the curve in certain aspects”, however, these students usually excel at other things, such as cooking or drawing.

Nevertheless, as she kept on telling the intricacies of her encounters with Kevin (and her family), she realized that Kevin was just excelling at managing to be alive. The user NoahtheRed wrote that “There was no evidence that [Kevin] had learned anything past the 2nd grade .... and now he was in 9th grade.”


After listing a number of incredible things Kevin had done throughout his time at the school, as well as some that his family did, the teacher concluded that “It was by some incredible fluke that his family hadn't been wiped off the face of the Earth years ago.” Since then, and inspired by this answer, a new subreddit was born.

The subreddit is called “Stories About Kevin”, counting with almost 2 million users, it allows Redditors to share everyday stories of the Kevins (or Kevinas) they encounter in their lives. From dumb roommates and stories about personal ignorance, the legend of Kevin, the dumb student, has been created and allowed a platform for people to share their stories.


Another wonderful thread from Reddit that quickly became viral was also from “Ask Reddit”. A user that has since deleted their account asked the following question over four years ago: “What is the most cringeworthy thing you did to woo your crush?” Almost five thousand people commented, but one of them had the best story of all.

User stopfoulingjeff took the time to describe how he gave all he had to impress a couple of girls at a church summer camp. The poster started by explaining that he was in 6th grade at the time of this story and that the whole experience at the camp didn’t start out very well.


During the trip to the summer camp, the young boy had already realized he was not one of the cool kids. Once he arrived, he tried to find some new people to hang out with, and hit the jackpot when he met some 8th graders by the pool, which, in his own words, “were really cool”.

While he was doing his best to impress the girls he met by the pool, his choice of outfit made him look like a “weird lumberjack”. Noting that the other boys were using flatulence to make the girls laugh, the young boy believe he would be able to do the same, however, the outcome was not what he expected.


The user continues describing his thought process on how that would all work out, saying “I start clenching and squeezing my stomach as hard as I can. I'm walking like a newborn deer. Then I feel it. Got a big one ready. So, instead of just dropping it out and laughing I wanted to make a big show about it.”

His idea of a show was to run in front of the other kids and squat while looking back at them, ensuring that they would know he was the one responsible for that noise. Unfortunately, it was not just noise that came out, and the poor boy embarrassed himself in front of the very people he was trying to impress.


While there are several stories that make it to the viral level of Reddit that are based on children, the truth is that adults also have some crazy stories to share. One of them was posted on the subreddit “TIFU”, which stands for “Today I [Messed] Up”.

One of the users shared a story five years ago about having dinner with his wife and her boss and that, while he wanted to ensure the boss would be impressed, he managed to make a big mess out of the dinner. All of this happened because of a steak that was not well-done.


The user started by explaining that “We chitchatted over drinks and salads and seemed to really be hitting it off. She laughed at my well-timed, perfectly-appropriate jokes and my wife seemed pleased.” But, while the dinner started pleasantly, he would do something that he would forever regret.

According to the story, the boss served him a very rare steak, which he was unable to eat. Since he wanted to make a good impression and not leave food on his plate, he saw an opportunity to get rid of it, by throwing it out of the window while the boss went to the kitchen to get dessert.


The user explained that “I knew I had to be decisive, realizing that she could return at any moment. I committed. I grabbed the steak with my hand, gently shook off the juice, and executed a perfect throw right through the center of the open window.”

“The window wasn't open. It was the cleanest [...] window you've ever seen in your life. That is until my mostly raw slab of steak slammed up against it and slowly slid down leaving a trail of bloody juice in its wake.” That certainly is not a way to impress a new boss, but gladly no harm was done!


One of the most famous threads to have ever made it to Reddit was started by user MyLifeSuxNow, who wanted to share the story of how his relationship was doomed after he decided to snoop on his wife’s text messages. The story was initially published on the subreddit “Relationships”, which is used to ask for relationship advice.

Nevertheless, the roller-coast that this story ended up being was not fit just for advice but should have been used as a cautionary tale for all the community of Reddit. Through several days, the users would post updates on the story and how everything developed, from the moment he first picked up the wife’s phone.


The user explained all the updates with dates and time stamps, detailing how he hired a private investigator, which led to the discovery of a scandal involving his sister-in-law, as well as all the other “cast members” who were part of the story. 

From the moment the story was posted, the Redditor community was instantly hooked on the ins and outs of the lives of the people involved, and went as far as creating a fake movie poster for the whole ordeal. Several years have passed since then, and the user has since deleted his account, and with it, the story itself.


User polarizing1 did us all a favor and posted the screenshots, so we can always revisit the story, the updates, and even have a look at the poster. Another user has gone so far as creating a Google Doc with the whole story, which comes up to 28 pages of content, that you can read here!

While there are over two million subreddit threads, ranging from animals to art, passing through obscure interests, something that you can be sure of is that will always be one interesting post for you to read. What did you think about these stories? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts as well as which is your favorite thread on Reddit! Also, don’t forget to share this story with your friends! 

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