Find Out Which Foods You Shouldn't Give Your Pet

Not many people can resist when their pets are begging for a treat, however, there are certain types of food that are unsafe for animals. Don’t get fooled by how harmless certain foods look, especially because most of these foods can have a very negative impact on your furry friend. In this article, we will explain which foods you should avoid giving your pets!

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It is common knowledge that dogs can’t eat chocolate, but did you know that it is also bad for other animals, such as cats, rabbits, and birds? The best thing you can do at your home is to keep any chocolate (or over sugary snacks) away from the reach of your pets. 

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Halloween has just passed, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, this is the right time to check your house for any misplaced treats that may be lying around the house. Dogs are especially good at smelling the sweet sense of chocolate, so don’t misjudge their intentions or ability to find it, unless it is tucked away in a high cabinet. 

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While it might seem that fruit (and dried fruit) could be a healthy snack for your pets, this is not true. In fact, grapes, raisins, sultanas, or currant, are one of the worse foods that your loved pet could eat.

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It is important that you try to keep these foods stored away and, before giving your pet any leftovers, make sure that you are not giving them anything that might contain these fruits. Around this time of the year, festive dishes tend to have raisins or sultanas in their ingredients, so ensure that you don’t accidentally drop any while cooking.

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Being the base of many recipes, it is easy to drop some onion or garlic on the floor while chopping them, and we all know how quick pets are to grab food from the floor! So it is important that you pay extra attention when handling these vegetables, as they can be very bad for your pet’s health.

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Like onions and garlic, leek and shallots are also bad foods to feed your pet, as they are closely related to onions. It’s important that you consider where you store your root vegetables such as the ones mentioned above, and with bigger breeds of dogs who can easily reach anything they want, these are not safe on top of counters.

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Commercial white bread is not good for anyone, but especially to your pets. This type of bread is produced with a lot of oil and sugar in its composition, which can cause several problems in your dear pets, especially in dogs.

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The Schnauzer breed is particularly sensitive to white bread, and it should be avoided at all costs. While other types of bread are usually safe to be fed to pets as an occasional treat, it is best to just try to avoid all types of bread in general, as it can cause some issues.

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Having become one of the trendiest foods in the past couple of years, avocados have several healthy properties for humans, however, the same can’t be said for animals. The high-fat content of the avocado can cause some problems for your furry friend, so it is better to avoid it.

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It is important that you ensure that when you are cutting an avocado you dispose of the pit in a secure trash bin, as it looks like a little ball, some dogs might think it is a toy and can end up swallowing it, which could become quite dangerous to them.

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Many people think that ice cream can be given to pets, as it is just frozen milk, right? No. In fact, there is a very high content of sugar in almost all ice creams, as well as some other ingredients that can become dangerous to animals.

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If you want to give a frozen treat to your pet, you can give them frozen berries, which are filled with healthy antioxidants and fiber. Moreover, if you want to make it into a more pleasant treat for your pet, you can blend them up while frozen and give your furry friend a healthy and fresh smoothie.

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Many people are lactose intolerant, and the same happens with animals, especially cats. Due to this, it is important that you avoid feeding your loved pets any type of dairy product, from milk to cheese, and even yogurt. We know that cats might tend to beg to lick the lid of your yogurt, but it is important that you don’t give in.

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The same happens with dogs - many people use cheese as a treat to hide pills when they try to give them to their pups. Unfortunately, cheese can upset their stomach, so why not use a strawberry as a pill-pocket? Your dog will not only munch it down quickly but it will also benefit from the antioxidants it contains.

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We all grew up watching cartoons where dogs were depicted eating bones and cats eating fish bones and, while it might be common when animals were living in the wild, domesticated animals should not be eating bones in any circumstance.

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When eating bones, your pets’ teeth will most likely splinter, which can cause some internal issues. Instead, you can give them something else to chew on, especially if you have a teething puppy. There are several toys that help them get over the itchiness of their gums during this difficult time of their growing spur.

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While the fruit itself is not harmful to pets, the pits are very rugged and, if ingested, can cause harm to your furry friend. If you want to feed peaches or plums to your dog, it is important that you ensure that only the flesh of the fruit is being eaten.

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Alternatively, you can feed your dog apples, which are rich in fiber, and vitamins A and C. Just like with any other type of fruit, it is important that you ensure that the seeds and core not being eaten. You can also dip a piece of apple in natural peanut butter (try to avoid any additives) for a special treat.

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There is a recent trend of feeding your dog raw food and, while it might prove beneficial to several types of dogs, the same can’t be said about cats. Raw eggs, raw fish, and raw meat are actually dangerous for cats and can cause some bad issues in their tummies.

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If you want to give them a special treat every once in a while, the best option would be to cook them a nice meal with nutritious types of fish, such as salmon or tuna, and we guarantee that they will love it. You can actually find some recipes for cat food here

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Now, fish can be fed to cats when cooked, and it is a lovely treat that they will surely adore. Nevertheless, it is important that you do not overdo it, especially if you are just cooking fish and nothing else.

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Cats need a healthy and balanced diet to thrive, so even though the cartoons we grew up with showed them eating just fish, this is not enough in real life. For a thriving cat, you should be feeding them a diet filled with all the nutrients, fibers, proteins, and vitamins they need.

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Who here has never eaten the cookie batter before it was baked? Well, while it might taste like heaven, raw dough is harmful to humans and animals alike, so it is better to avoid it altogether. The main issue with raw dough is that the yeast will continue to rise after it has been eaten.

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Due to this, it is important to ensure that your pets don’t have access to raw dough when you are cooking or baking. And, no matter how intense their puppy or kitty eyes are, you should resist the urge to give them “just a little”, as they are quite small.

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Citrus is a healthy snack for humans, but the same is not true for dogs and cats. While your dog might be fine if he steals a piece of orange, if he ends up eating a whole fruit it might have some negative effects on their health. It is better to avoid giving your pet any type of citrus fruit.

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Coconut, on the other hand, is very healthy for dogs, and you can even add a bit of coconut oil to their dry kibble. Nevertheless, it is a fruit that should be avoided in the diet of your cat, as the high content in fat can cause some health issues in your little furry friend.

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Many humans use caffeine to get ready for the day and wake up, however, it is something you should avoid feeding your dog. Even in situations when they might seem lethargic, giving your pet coffee will do more harm than good.

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As an alternative, you can try and feed your pet a banana, which is an incredible source of potassium and fiber, and are bound to give your four-legged companion a boost of energy. Frozen bananas are also an excellent treat in the summer when the weather is hot and your pup might want a refresher.

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