Top Three Jokes Of The Day

What better way to start the day than with a laugh? In this article we will share three great jokes of the day, revolving around the mistakes students make, the importance of grammar, and the struggles of being a mother. Let’s see if we can get a smile and a giggle out of you!

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Everyone knows that final exams are always very stressful, leading to endless nights spent studying and going over revision cards. Fulled by coffee for weeks, four friends who were studying at the same University were at the end of their semester and, as such, their final exam was approaching.

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Since they had already taken all the other exams, and they felt that this one would be a piece of cake, they opted to throw a party the night before the final exam, in order to celebrate the end of their never-ending studying. The four students lived together, so they invited some friends over and went wild.

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The students were enjoying themselves, dancing, and sharing stories with their friends, and ended up forgetting about the time flying by. Going to bed in the early hours of the morning and with the tiredness of the weeks they spent studying, all four students failed to wake up in time for the exam. 

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Panicking because they couldn’t afford to have a zero on their final exam, the students decided to come up with an excuse to try and get the professor to allow them to retake the exam on another day. One of the students had an idea that could help them get another chance to retake the exam.

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The student thought that, since they all lived together, they could tell the professor that while they were driving to school they had a flat tire. The three others agreed and consented that this would be the explanation they would give to the professor.

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Filled with anxiety, the students explained the situation to the professor, having a detailed story about how they were driving ahead of time to campus, but sadly didn’t manage to get there as they had to deal with a sudden flat tire. The professor was understanding and, against their expectations, allowed them to retake the exam.

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Having managed to solve the problem they brought upon themselves with the party, the students were relieved and promised themselves they would take this exam seriously. They spent all the time before the new date studying and reviewing their notes, in order to ensure they would all ace the final exam.

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The professor, who was happy to see that all four students showed up on time for the exam, told them that they would all be sitting in a different room in order to prevent cheating. Considering they all lived together, the professor was worried they might have come up with a plan to do that.

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Once each student was in their specific classroom, they were given a set of papers with the exam questions, being that the exam itself was worth 100 points. The first question was easy, and they were prepared for it. Spending the nights studying had been a good decision after all!

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Being confident that they would all take the exam with ease, they were happy as if the other questions were as difficult as the first, they would be on the top of their class! Nevertheless, unbeknownst to the students, the rest of the test was just one question that was worth 95 points.

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Turning the page, the students discovered that there were only two questions on the exam. One that they all were sure to have answered correctly, and the final question. Unfortunately, this last question was not covered by the books they studied, and it was worth 95 points. The question was: “Which tire was flat?” 


Father Murphy was known for wandering around from place to place and starting conversations with people he didn’t know, in order to try and help them find the right path in life. One evening, Father Murphy was walking around in town and decided to enter a bar that seemed shady. 

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Upon entering the bar, he noticed three men sitting by themselves. Being no stranger to the negative habits in this location, Father Murphy decided to spark up a conversation with each of the men individually in order to see if there was something his faith could do to help. 

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Walking towards the man closest to the door, Father Murphy asked him a question that he wasn’t expecting: “Do you want to go to heaven?” The man, who was surprised by seeing a priest at a bar, quickly answered that yes, he would love to live a life that would allow him to enter the golden doors of heaven.

Happy with the man’s answer, Father Murphy told him to stand up from the bar and to go and stand next to the wall, where he should wait for him. The man was confused, but he was taught to respect priests, and so he did as Father Murphy requested. Father Murphy moved on to the second man next to him.

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Approaching the second man at the bar, the priest asked him the same question as he did to the first one: “Do you want to go to heaven?” The man, startled, answered positively to the question. While he was not expecting this question, he knew in his heart that he would like to be accepted in heaven.

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Father Murphy was once again pleased with this man’s answered, and just like before told him to stand up and go stand against the wall. The second man looked at the wall, where he saw the first man and walked to join him. Father Murphy was pleased with his doings this evening and moved on to the third man.

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At the end of the bar was the last man, now sitting alone, and Father Murphy approached him with the same question: “Do you want to go to heaven?” he asked. To the priest's surprise, the third man replied that he was not interested in going to heaven.

Being filled with confusion, Father Murphy decided to ask him why, saying “You mean to tell me that, when you die, you don’t want to go to heaven?” The expression on the man’s face changed when he told the priest "Oh, when I die, yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go on a trip right now."


Being a mother is not easy, in fact, it is a full-time job. One of the biggest struggles mothers across the world can relate to is having to wake up their children to go to school, and this particular mother has been having some trouble with her son about it.

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During a school-day, a mother that had been calling her son from the kitchen to get up for 15 minutes with no answer so she finally gives in. She walks up the stairs and knocks on her son’s bedroom door, expecting him to at least be awake and almost ready to have breakfast.


Being greeted with a sleepy groan, the mother walks in the room just to find her son barely awake, still laying in bed. Trying to not be too aggressive, the mother tells him “Son, it’s time to get up, you will be late.”

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The son replied by pulling the covers over his head and telling her in a groggy voice “I’m not ready to get up yet, it’s too early, I really don’t want to get up.” The mother, who knows that if he doesn’t get up from bed right this moment he will not make it in time, tries to convince him.


The mother tells her sleepy son, “No, honey, it’s not early at all! It’s already 7 am and it’s Monday, you know what that means.” The son, still under the covers, tells her “No! Please mom, I don’t want to go to school!”

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Starting to feel upset, her mother tells him once again that he needs to get up and ready to go to school, but the son keeps insisting that he doesn’t feel like it, telling her “But why, mom? Why do I have to go to school? I really don’t want to go!”


With her patience hanging by a string, the mother tells her lazy son “Well, give me two reasons why you don’t want to go to school!” The son uncovers his face, sits up, and tells his mother “Well, the kids at school hate me…”

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The mother, now with a warmed heart about her suffering son, tells him “I love you, son, that’s all that matters in this life. Not what those kids at school think about you.” The son, feeling like she wouldn’t budge, tells her “But, mom, the teachers hate me too, and they are the worst!”

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“That’s nonsense!” the mother told him, saying “Come on, get up and dressed, you need to leave for school soon!” The son, visibly upset that his reasons weren’t good enough to convince his mother to let him stay in bed, crossed his arms stubbornly and asked her:

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“Give me two good reasons why I should go to school!” The mother, who has lost her calm at this time, answers back “Well, son, firstly you are 52 years old and, secondly, you are the Principal!” We guess that getting up from bed to go to school doesn’t get better with age!

We hope that these jokes managed to put a smile on your face! Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite and make sure to share this story with all of your friends!

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