Man Finds Lost Cave, But When He Sees What's Inside Immediately Rushes Out

Everyone dreams of owning their dream house. This dream became a reality for one man, but he got a lot more than he bargained for. Christopher Wanliss bought the house of his dreams, but what he didn’t realize was that his brand new home had a deep dark secret that would change his life forever. 

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Christopher Wanliss finally bought the house of his dreams. It was a beautiful home situated in a 40-acre piece of land; he was thrilled to have all this space to himself. To celebrate, he decided to take a walk and explore his new property. His walk was interrupted when he stumbled and fell into a ditch; only this wasn't a ditch at all.

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When Christopher looked up ahead of him, he saw a large opening to a tunnel. Before he bought his house, both his realtor and a local police officer warned him against wandering in the woods by himself. Christopher knew he should call for help, but the prospect of exploring the tunnel was too tempting to resist.

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Before he walked into the dark tunnel, Christopher went back to his house and grabbed a flashlight. He walked back with enthusiasm, keen to learn what secrets were hidden inside the tunnel. Little did he know that his decision would haunt him for the rest of his life.

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Christopher was greeted by damp walls that look like they could cave in at any second. But when he took a closer look at them, it finally hit him. He had discovered a goldmine. Christopher was ecstatic; not only did he buy his dream house, but he had struck gold. Unfortunately, his joy was short-lived.

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At first, the only thing he could hear inside the cave was the sound of his echo. But once he was far enough inside the tunnel, Christopher began to hear noises. Instead of turning back, he decided to investigate where the noise was coming from, a decision he would regret immediately.

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The first thing Christopher saw was a yellow ventilation system that looked like it had been there for years. As he started to approach it, he felt the temperature suddenly begin to drop. By this time, he was very deep inside the tunnel. He realized he had come too far to turn back. But as he started to relax, he felt something pulling him.

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Christopher described it as an energy that was pulling him back. It was as though something was telling him not to go any further. Stubbornly, he ignored this warning and kept on his path. A little startled, Christopher decided to look back at the entrance to see if the light was still there, but what he saw terrified him.

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The chains that he passed when he went inside the tunnel started moving on their own, and their movement was violent and ferocious. It was almost as if someone was manipulating them. Christopher could tell that he was not alone, so he decided to get out of there as soon as possible.

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He ran to the entrance. He immediately started to think about people who he could call for help. Christopher was in shock, but he made it back to his house unharmed. And once he got there, his first thought was to pick up the phone and call his realtor.

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Christopher told his realtor what had happened. He described everything he could recall in as much detail as possible. The realtor promised to send someone to come to his aid. He stood in his kitchen, waiting for the person to arrive, and he thought that his terrifying experience was finally over. But he was wrong.

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The lights in his kitchen began to flicker. His body started to tense up again. Then suddenly, it was pitch black. The temperature in the room dramatically plunged, and Christopher could feel himself going into a panic. His first instinct was to take the flashlight out of his pocket, and then he headed for the thermostat.

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He saw that there was something wrong with this thermostat. It might've just been a blown a fuse. Thinking that he overreacted, Christopher headed to the circuit breaker to try and solve the problem. After spending a few minutes fixing it, the lights were finally back on. As he returned to the house, there was a doorbell.

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The person that the realtor had called finally arrived. Mr Rudall introduced himself and wanted to see what Christopher had discovered, so they set off together to explore again. It turned out that the tunnel was hiding a dark secret, and Mr. Rudall revealed it to the nervous homeowner.

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Mr. Rudall confirmed that it was a gold mine, but he also said that there was a reason why the gold had not been touched. The miners who worked at the mine chose to abandon their jobs and leave their fortune behind. But what would compel them to leave this much gold behind?

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Christopher wanted to learn more about the mine, but Mr. Rudall was against it. Eventually, Christopher decided to set off without him, and he entered the tunnel once more. This time he was determined to go deeper than last time and discover the truth about the goldmine.

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When Christopher was 600 feet inside the tunnel, he finally discovered the water source that caused the ground to be damp. But that wasn't all that he found when he was down there. Christopher saw something that immediately sent shivers down his spine.

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There was a door located deep within the mine. Having already committed himself to this investigation, Christopher knew that he couldn't let fear get in his way. He took a deep breath and decided to open the door. Once he saw what was inside, he couldn't believe it.

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Once he opened the door, he started to look around using his flashlight and saw objects curled up together. Christopher decided to investigate the pile, and he discovered that the might have been someone living in there for a while. As he took a closer look, something grabbed his attention.

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There were writings on both sides of the walls. Christopher decided to take a photo of the writings to investigate further once he went back to his house. Just as he was about to put his phone back into his pocket, something startled him. Before he could even see what it was, Christopher turned to face the entrance and ran for his life.

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When he finally made into his house, he rushed to his study and locked the doors. He then switched on his computer and searched for answers on the internet about what he had seen. Christopher was convinced there signs of paranormal activity. As his nerves began to settle, he heard a knock on the door.

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He looked around, but there was no one in the house except for him. Christopher was convinced he heard something. So he took out his camera to see if the pictures he had taken hold a clue. But when Christopher opened it, there was nothing. His camera was wiped clean, and the photos he took were all gone.

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He headed back to the mine so that he could gather enough proof to finally get to the bottom of it once and for all as he stumbled back into the wet and dark tunnel. Christopher convinced himself that he was prepared for whatever was in the mine, but he was gravely mistaken.

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Before he knew it, he was screaming in agony. The noise that startled him in his previous visits was louder and more violent than before. Christopher had a decision to make. Was he going to run away again? Or was he going to stay and face his fears? He would immediately regret the choice he made.

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As he walked deeper into the tunnel, Christopher became distracted by the violently swinging chains. And as soon as he decided to turn and face the inside of the tunnel. Christopher saw a body of water rush towards him; he thought he was going to drown. Christopher ran as quickly as he could towards the entrance.

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After somehow managing to reach it, he looked back. Christopher expected to see the water he was trying to get away from shower him once he turned towards the cave. But there was no trace of water.  All he saw was his footsteps. Christopher couldn't believe it. Did he imagine everything? What was going on?

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He decided to head for his house. He noticed that someone had switched on the lights while he was gone. Christopher cautiously entered the house, thinking that he would find a burglar, but the place was empty. He was the only one there. Christopher had to ask himself an important question. Was he going crazy?

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Christopher started to recall his day and questioned everything he thought he had seen. He thought maybe he was hallucinating. The thought of being in that house began to frustrate him; Christopher knew that he had to leave immediately. He picked up what he needed and stormed out.

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He went to his nearest cafe and ordered some coffee. Once he calmed down, he searched for the nearest phrenologist. If there was a person that could explain to him what was going on, it was them. Fortunately, there was one nearby, and Christopher stood up and headed over there. He was finally going to get the answers he needed.

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The lady that greeted him at the Tarot Shop was singing a very familiar song. As he sat down, he realized something that shook him. It was the noise that he heard when he was in the goldmine, but this time it was more melodic. Christopher waited for her to let her guard down, and he got out of there as quickly as possible.