Today's Horoscope for Virgo: Monday

Probably the most dreaded day of the week for many people, Mondays can also act as a kick-start for new and positive things. Virgos tend to prefer the weekend, however, the predictions for this Monday might actually make them change their mind! Let’s have a look at what is coming your way and how these changes are going to have a positive impact on your life!

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Many people go to sleep on Sundays with a heavy heart as they are uncertain of what Monday is bringing their way. Luckily, this Monday will only bring positive things to you, dear Virgo, so there is no need to worry or to be anxious! Let’s see why!

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While November, in general, is going to be a lukewarm month for Virgos, this particular Monday seems to be the turning point for your life. You will be able to benefit from the influence of the planets and all the departments of your horoscope are changing to provide you with a better experience. 

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Mondays tend to mark the start of the workweek, so this is the ideal time for Virgos to truly put their incredible abilities to work. Being known for their hard-work and analytical skills, this Monday is a chance for you to truly show your colors and demonstrate how you can excel at work.

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It is important, however, that you also find some time during this day to take care of yourself, as work is not everything in life! Try to give your office space a little revamp to make it feel more like yourself. Adding some artwork that makes you feel happy is a way that you can mix pleasure and work!

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Monday’s start the workweek, but this one is also starting something else! We have good news for all the single Virgos out there, as this is the time you have been waiting for. The prediction tells that you will be able to meet some rather dashing new people with whom you can develop a deep emotional connection!

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The Virgos that are already in a relationship can also rejoice to learn that the intimacy levels between you and your partner are going to be through the roof, so take this as an opportunity to have a date night or a romantic evening at home! We are sure that some sparks will fly tonight!

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While the family affairs have not been super amazing in the past couple of weeks, you can rest assured that things are going to start becoming better this Monday. It might seem that you were not the one in charge of causing these bad feelings in the household, but you are the one that has the ability to stop them.

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Virgos should put their big girl pants on and take charge of any disputes happening in the family department. Your ability to be diplomatic will come in handy, especially when handling the disagreements and arguments that might arise in the problem-solving process. Whatever you choose to do, rest assured that by the end of the day it will be better.

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Just like with your family life, you will have a central role in handling what is happening in your friendship department. It might come as a surprise, but some of your friends are in dire need of a pep talk to overcome some internal issues they have been going through, and they will turn to you, dear Virgo, for help!

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Take this as an opportunity to offer them a shoulder to cry on, but also to give them the advice they are looking for. You will notice you have the answers to their issues, as you have been through a similar situation in the past. Don’t shy back on the details of your own experience, as it will be helpful.

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This Monday is your chance to make a difference at work that will allow you to ensure that the rest of your week will go smoothly. Take some time today to really go through your tasks and deadlines and make any adaptations as needed, you should consider any unexpected issues in your time-management.

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Virgos can also use the positive energies of this Monday to share their thoughts and feedback with higher management and ask for some feedback on their work as well. No matter how long you have been working this job, there are always things to improve, and the truth is told, it is always nice to hear some positive feedback too!

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The start of the week is bringing you some positive news in terms of money! Your finances will have a bump, which may or may not be derived from how your conversation with your superiors goes. Nevertheless, you should still be careful about your expenses, and always prepared for unexpected financial burdens that might arise.

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Your savings will have an important role in the future, so use this money wisely, focusing on how you can perhaps invest it in long-term healthy stocks. Before you do that, though, get in touch with a professional in this area of work, as you don’t want to commit any mistakes that might have a devastating effect on your finances.

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The positive news for this Monday continues in the health department, as Virgos can expect to feel fresh and active. The start of this week will be the beginning of a health spur that will last for the rest of the month, so make sure to enjoy it! This is a sign that your healthy lifestyle is working!

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It is, however, important to ensure that you don’t allow yourself to go backward on your health journey. While it is fine to have some lazy days and less-than-healthy meals once in a while, you should not make this the norm. Nevertheless, why not consider this Monday your cheat day and just have a nice juicy burger?

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What better time than a Monday to start something new? Virgos like learning new things and improving themselves, so this is the perfect opportunity to grab a new book to help you develop yourself mentally and emotionally. There is actually a “Little Book Of Self-Care For Virgo” that was written with all the Virgos in mind!

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In case you are not a fan of reading, as not every Virgo is, there are other options that still allow you to have similar results! For instance, each day that passes there is a new podcast that is going to surely entertain you while you learn! Check out these podcasts selected just for you!

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Still in the mood to try new things? Then why not enjoy some tasty home-cooked meals? Virgos’ ability to follow recipes is just out of this world, so if you have the time this Monday evening to cook something from scratch, it would be excellent for you to experiment with something you never cooked before!

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You can try perhaps an ethnic food that you have just had in restaurants before, and bringing that spiciness into the comfort of your own home. There are several recipes that are not only easy to follow but that will also make everyone’s mouth water! Check out these options and let us know in the comments which one you picked!

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People tend to reserve the spa days for the weekend, but in reality, there is no rule that says you can’t take some time for yourself during the week, right? Especially Mondays, which tend to be filled with stress, should be the designated spa-day for everyone! 

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So, dear Virgo, take out your scented candles because this is the day to take care of yourself! Once your day is over, take thirty minutes for the sole purpose of the art of relaxation. Run a bath, add some bath salts, dim the lights, and put on a chilled playlist. This is the moment to focus on you!

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The time to relax continues, but this time with something completely different! Virgos love easy-going movies and series, so this is the moment for you to just sit down at the sofa and let your brain turn off! If you like romantic comedies that just allow you to travel, why not have a look at “Emily in Paris”?

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The time has come for you Virgos to take this week by its hand and show that you are in charge! Take advantage of the positive influence the planets are giving you, and ensure that you don’t let any business unfinished. This is the start of an incredible week, so make sure to enjoy it.

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Are you ready for what this Monday has prepared for you? We are sure that the answer is a big “yes”! Let us know in the comments below how your Monday ends up being and make sure to share this horoscope with all the Virgos you know!

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