What Happened To These Celebrities After Fame Run Out

For many artists out there the dream is to reach fame, however, what happens when fame has run out? There are several actors and singers who have decided to leave the industry and start new careers in day-to-day jobs. Let’s have a look at 25 of these stars and see what they are doing now!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Santiago Felipe / WireImage / Joseph Del Valle / NBCU Photo Bank / Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection | Vanilla Ice, Lark Voorhies, Freddie Prinze Jr.


Becoming famous through his performance as Chunk in the movie “The Goonies”, Jeff Cohen left the acting scene in 1991. From then onward, Cohen decided to hit the books and became an entertainment lawyer and has even founded his own law firm. Apart from that, he also wrote the book “The Dealmakers Ten Commandments”.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez | Actor Jeff Cohen attends the Warner Bros. 25th Anniversary celebration of "The Goonies".


Who doesn’t remember “Saved By The Bell”? Surely Lark Voohries does, as she played Lisa Turtle in the series, however, she has since quit her job as an actor and decided to invest in a different type of art. Voohries has become a painter and has been developing her art collection, as she does not sell any of her artwork.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mark Sullivan / WireImage | Lark Voorhies.


Probably not the first nor last Disney Channel actress to leave this industry behind, Danielle Fishel become well-known for her role as Topanga in the shows “Boy Meets World” and “Girl Meets World”. She has since turned to a different job but remained in front of the camera, as she works as a journalist for PopSugar’s website and YouTube channel.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Jerod Harris | Actress Danielle Fishel attends Catalina Film Festival's Annual Brunch at Blanny's.


Musical lovers probably remember seeing Nikki Blonsky on “Hairspray”, however, while she had some small television roles since then, she decided to follow her true calling. Blonsky has since become a cosmetologist at a hair salon (ironic, no?), but before giving a try at working at a shoe shop.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris | Nikki Blonsky attends "Stuffed" Preview Show at The Friars Club.


Remember when Jonathan Bennett looked sexy with his hair pushed back in "Mean Girls"? He still shows his face on television, as a host of “Cake Wars” and “Copycat”, Bennett also took a break from acting for a while. During this period he focused on a fitness career, where he was giving spinning classes in Los Angeles.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Kevin Winter | Jonathan Bennett attends the premiere of Disney's "Dumbo".


Best known for his roles in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “She’s All That”, Freddie Prinze, Jr. traded his acting career for writing about food. Before becoming an actor he had attended culinary school and has since published a cookbook called “Back to the Kitchen”, where he shares his tastiest recipes.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Vincent Sandoval | Actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. signs his new book "Back To The Kitchen".


You may remember him as Jake Harper from “Two and a Half Man”, but Angus T. Jones is not an actor anymore. After retiring from this field of work, Jones decided to follow a different path within the entertainment industry and is currently planning and managing events, and he has even opened up his own multimedia and event company.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Desiree Stone | Angus T. Jones attends the 1st Annual Combsgiving Festival at Food Haus.


Fame doesn’t always last for child actors, and that is what happened to Mara Wilson who, after playing in “Mrs. Doubtfire”, was left with few options to continue her career. She didn’t let that stop her from expressing her artistic vein as she developed her profession as a writer.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Tara Ziemba | Actress Mara Wilson.


The Jonas Brothers had a good run, however, when the band split up in 2013, the siblings had to find something else to do. While his brothers kept working in music and acting, Kevin Jonas turned to technology and has even launched his own app. Yood is a mobile application that displays information about nearby restaurants.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mike Coppola | Kevin Jonas.


Remember “Enemy of the State”? It was one of the most popular movies from Gene Hackman, who retired from acting in the mid-2000s. Just like many ex-actors, Hackman turned to writing and has penned several historical fiction books, such as “Payback at Morning Peak” and “Pursuit”. He also collaborated with Daniel Lenihan in a few novels.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Kevin Winter | Gene Hackman, backstage at the 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards.


Some actors just get one break in life, and that is the case of Peter Ostrum, who only acted in 1971’s version of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. After his performance in this movie, Ostrum studied to be a veterinarian and has since specialized in big animals, working mostly with dairy cattle and horses.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Steve Granitz / WireImage | Peter Ostrum poses at The Hollywood Show.


Another Disney Channel star has left acting behind and, while he made a name for himself acting alongside his twin brother in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, Dylan Sprouse stepped away from acting, unlike his brother. Dylan now works as a brewer in New York and is the owner of All-Wise Brewery.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison | Dylan Sprouse attends the Premiere Of Lionsgate's "Five Feet Apart".


Making a name for himself playing the vile Joffrey Baratheon on the popular show “Game of Thrones”, Jack Gleeson retired from acting after several years in this industry. He opted to focus on his education in theology and philosophy, and rumor has it that he now works in a small theater company. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy | Actor Jack Gleeson attends the "Game Of Thrones" Season 4 New York premiere.


Best known for his roles in “The Sandlot” and “The Mighty Ducks”, Mike Vitar’s career after retiring from acting is not one that you would expect. Vitar has since become a firefighter and is working in Los Angeles, and he has also worked for an ambulance company for a short period of time in between.

Image Credits: Getty Images / 20th Century-Fox/ | Mike Vitar in a scene from the film 'The Sandlot', 1993.


Reaching fandom with his role in the popular sitcom “Home Improvement”, Jonathan Taylor Thomas decided to leave acting behind at the turn of the millennium. While he did have some guest appearances on television shows after 1999, he has since become a professional writer and director.

Image Credits: Getty Images / GT / Star Max / FilmMagic | Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas.


Another child-actor that decided to leave fame behind, Charlie Korsmo, who acted in movies like “Hook” and “Dick Tracy”, has decided to focus his youth on his education. After attending MIT, Korsmo went to Yale where he focused his studies in Law. He has since become a law professor and is teaching at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Image Credits: Getty Images / SGranitz / WireImage | Charlie Korsmo during Hollywood Premiere of "Little Nicky".


It seems that Yale is quite popular among ex-actors, as Josh Saviano, whom you may remember from his role in the sitcom “The Wonder Years”, also attended this university. After retiring from acting, Saviano also studied Law, and he is now an entrepreneur who aims to help artists develop their careers. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Esther Horvath | Josh Saviano.


Best known for his roles in “Sixteen Candles” and “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”, Michael Schoeffling has decided to leave acting behind and focus on a different type of art. He chose to develop a professional career as a carpenter, turning wood into practical and beautiful pieces, and he now runs a woodworking shop.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Michael Ochs Archives | Actor Michael Schoeffling looks on in a scene of the movie "Sylvester" circa 1985.


If you like scary movies you have probably watched the cult movie “The Shining” and you might have wondered what happened to the little boy who played one of the main characters. Well, this boy is Danny Lloyd, and he is now all grown-up working as a biology teacher in Kentucky.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Sunset Boulevard / Corbis | American actors Jack Nicholson and Danny Lloyd on the set of The Shining.


Several years ago you would probably be seeing Phoebe Cates everywhere, as she was one of the most promising actresses from that time. Being best known for her role in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, Cates retired from acting to focus on her family and has since opened her own shop in New York.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Jim Spellman / WireImage | Actress Phoebe Cates attends the 71st Annual Tony Awards.


Being also very popular in the 1980s, Karyn Parsons became a household name through her performance in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. While she had a promising acting career in front of her, Parsons chose to move into non-profit work. The former actress founded her own organization, Sweet Blackberry, which aims to teach children about black history.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic | Actress Karyn Parsons visits SiriusXM Studios.


Another former star who wanted to make a difference is Geena Davis, whom you may know from the movies “Thelma & Louise” and “A League of Their Own”. Davis retired from acting to work toward gender equality in the media, and she has since founded her own organization, called Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

Image Credits: Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins | Geena Davis at the 11th Annual Governors Awards.


Who doesn’t remember the hit “Ice Ice Baby”? Vanilla Ice himself has left the music industry a long time ago, however, he has quickly found a way to keep his income growing. The former singer has developed his professional career in real estate and has been working as a house-flipper. Were you expecting that? 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Santiago Felipe / WireImage | Vanilla Ice.


“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was one of the most iconic shows, and to this day, the legions of fans still love the show as if it was never canceled. Known for being Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Geller has since left her acting career to focus on another sector: food like her husband on this list, Freddie. Geller has co-founded a cooking and baking kit company called “Foodstirs”.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Robin Marchant | Sarah Michelle Gellar attends AOL BUILD Series: Sarah Michelle Gellar Discusses Her New Company "Foodstirs".


Back in the 1970s, “Love Story” was a very popular movie, and so was the actress that was part of it: Ali McGraw. While she had her whole career in front of her, McGraw felt that the life of the rich and famous just wasn’t for her, and she has since become a yoga instructor and released exercise DVDs.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Julien M. Hekimian | Ali MacGraw attends the Chanel Cruise 2020 Collection : Photocall In Le Grand Palais.

Many people wish to make it in the entertainment industry, however, some people just wish to live a normal life, and that is what happened to these former-stars. Let us know in the comments which one surprised you the most! Also, don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

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