Perfect Name For A Baby According To Its Zodiac

Welcoming a baby is one thing but planning what to call the baby is another level of excitement. For soon-to-be parents, and to someone who is fond of reading horoscopes before life decisions (or just before getting off the bedroom), here’s a list of names according to your baby’s zodiac!

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A way of naming your Aries baby is through the zodiac’s element fire, or anything related to the color red. Andromeda, Ruby, and Scarlett are catchy names, right? What about Phoenix, Jasper, and Cole? For unique fire names, you can call your beautiful bean Aithne, Ember, or Fiamma. Flint, Kiran, and Tyson are also best suited for your charming boy!

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As the first sign in the zodiac, your Aries-born is also best named after primacy. Alexander is our first on the list, which means the defender of man. A french word Andrea is also a great name for it represents bravery. Briana and Bernard are also our best picks! Oh, of course, Aries itself is a nice name for your baby! 

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Taurus is represented by the bull, and its element is earth. Ruled by the elegant Venus, Taurus born should also be named elegantly, and “earthly”. Jemima is the best pick, a good name for a Taurus girl, especially for it means “dove”, a symbol of peace. Your male-born Taurus is a tough young man who you can call Holden.

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Kesia, Dawn, Daisy, and Flora are names best suited for your Taurean baby girl. Fabian, Joseph, Garth, and Slade are also unique names for your strong baby bull. Your Taurus baby is inherently born with loyalty, determination, and most especially, stubbornness. Picking the best name for your Taurus child saves you a lot of baby attitude someday, don’t you think?

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Imagination is your only limit in naming your Gemini baby, especially that they exhibit sagacity in them. And well, we won’t forget their duality! How about naming your little one Tamsin? Ohh, it literally translates to twins, a symbol of Gemini! Thomas if it is a boy, and if a twin, Tamsin, and Thomas are unique, right?

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As an air sign, you can name your baby Aura which means soft breeze, or Finnian, an Irish origin of the color white and Gemini’s signature color. Lavender, Maiara, Cassidy, Sage, and Albert are also our picks for they offer meanings ranging from your child’s curious trait, a social butterfly, or a charming sage. Gemini is a great name, too! 

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Your Cancer is ruled by the moon and is associated with fertility and the tides. A water element, the crab is somehow sensitive and they are mostly influenced by their heart and their emotions. But hey future parent, your baby bean should be named after a lot of thought, right? Luna and Granger are our best picks! 

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You can also call your male Cancer-born Arledge which means lives by the lake, River, a watery name for a water sign, or Hurley which means sea tide. For your baby girl, Amaris means child of the moon, and Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon are your best options. What do you think best suits your baby?

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Let’s welcome a Leo-born! For sure they are charismatic, fun, and adventurous. Leo, along with being the king of the celestial jungle, is ruled by the sun, its element is fire, and associated with colors gold, red, and yellow. All great things for a Leo baby! Of course, you wouldn’t want your baby named anything less than great, right?

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Cyrus means sun, Peridot means gem of the sun and Leo’s birthstone, Apollo is the Greek sun god, Rex means king, Aurelia means golden, Leona means lioness, Regina means queen, and Vesta is the Latin goddess of the hearth: all great names for your little royal! Ohh, let us not forget. Leo, in itself, is a great name, too!

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Virgo is surely fastidious, neat, and a perfectionist in nature. For sure, they want their names in perfection, too! If your due date is between August 23 and September 22, prepare yourself for a Virgo baby! A list of names to choose from before finally picking the perfect one is of your many things to accomplish before your due date!

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You can call your baby August or Agatha. Jared and Daya are named for your kind baby. Kaia and George are earthly names for a Virgo-born. Millicent and Paige are for your hardworking baby girl and Solange also suits your little angel. Benedict, Josiah, and Raphael are names suited for a moral young man! Anything in mind, now! 

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You can either match your baby’s name with his or her empathetic nature or anything associated with your baby’s sign. Sophisticated, diplomatic, and another social butterfly, your Libran baby surely is a scale of balance! Basil as a name is sophisticated for it means regal. Ziva is also a unique name which signifies brilliance, and Diana means divinity.

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Amabel, Ruth, Emmett, and Edmund are names for a kind and empathetic Libra. What about Atalanta? It means equal in weight. Harmony, Justice, Opal, Rose, and Venus are all names related to Libra either its stone, ruler, flower, or constellation. Do you now have any interesting names in mind? Make sure to decide days before September 23 to October 22!

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Scorpio has a great sense of power and passion in them. They are one of those zodiacs overflowing with determination, strength, and bravery. Why not name your Scorpio baby any of the names we picked for you? One of these names may suit best the little scorpion in them! And be reminded, pick your favorite name before the October 23!

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Orion is the constellation of Scorpio and naming your son Orion would always remind you of the stars and the sky. Phoenix is a symbol for Scorpio and a great name, too! Naming your girl Haven creates a surrounding full of love and protection while naming your son Xander is best suited for your fierce little man. 

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The bold and outspoken souls are now ready to face the world but of course, mommy and daddy need to name them! Jupiter rules over your baby so expect a great kid with a great name (you can choose whatever, or make one from scratch)! Sagittarius babies can pull off any name and own it with class and pride. 

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The best names for a Sagittarius born are Arianna and Isaac which embodies both strength and determination, and wit and humor respectively. You can also call him Archer, Kendrick, Blaze, Chiron, and Jove while you can her Violet, Artemis, Beatrix, Topaz, and Ari. All names correspond to either Saggitarius’ personality, star, color, or ruling planet. Now you can pick one!

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Time is of best in all things and one of them is to determine the best-suited name for your baby Capricorn! A name that is timeless and has gone through centuries and lasted through ages is for a little bean inside mommy’s tummy which will see the world between December 22 to January 19. Oh, one should plan ahead!

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The best Capricorn name for your baby girl is Natalie for it is a traditional name that means “Christmas”. Your male born can be called Jasper, a traditional name which means “treasurer”. Emphasis on traditional for Capricorn rules over hierarchy and history! You can also name your baby Amalthea, Garnet, Ivy, or perhaps, Dante, Nicole, or Daphne. Have anything in mind.

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Your due date happens to be somewhere between January 20 and February 18, now, you are expecting an Aquarian in the family! We picked unique names for an individualistic person, seeing the world through a new and different lens. Of course, your baby should also be named uniquely and differently, right? 

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Angus, Conrad, and Dominic are all the best pick for your baby boy! They mean unique, honest, and brave which are attributes of your little man! Alicia and Veronica are great names for your baby girl, especially that they translate to truth and purity from different languages. Eleanor is a great pick too, partnered with a unisex name Micah. 

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The sensitive and empathetic Pisces should be called names related to either brightness, empathy, mercy, or happiness. Well, the baby is born between February 19 to March 20, and having the zodiac’s element fish, poetic names suits them best! Dramatic and soft-sounding, the name should roll off your tongue ever so fluidly like water.

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Charisma is perfect for a music-lover Piscean and Austin suits best for a little boy with great inner strength. Unique names like Pax, Rahim, Beatrice, and Helena are all good choices for your little ones. Clementine, Juliet, Maia, Marlowe, Rain, Tallulah, Caspian, and Dylan should be added to our list! Anything else in mind? 

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A baby brings great joy and thinking of names can be as exciting as filling your nursery with baby things! Narrow down your list of baby names and pick the perfect one to call your little bean. Do not hurry much! Just make sure to have picked before the day your water bag breaks! Good luck future mom and dad! 

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