December Horoscope: Aries

Who would have thought that we would finally arrive in December? This year has been really clumsy, unpredictable, and very different yet we are given the chance to take a peek at what the last month has to offer. December will be a month full of changes for our dear Aries, so keep on reading to find out more and how you can adapt and end the year with a bang! 

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The first of the zodiacs and the natural-born leader of the pack: these are the exact descriptions of an Aries. They are confident, motivated and they exert the effort needed from them in order to lead their fellow zodiacs into better circumstances. If you were born from the 20th of March and to the 19th of April, then you surely are an Aries yourself.

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As we have previously mentioned, our darling Aries is the zodiac’s natural-born leaders. Just like any other leaders, they are independent, proactive, and a bit fast-paced for other signs who are deemed ‘laid back’. They loathe slowness: slow walker, slow texters, slow computers...and if sloths were not that cute, they would probably hate them too!

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Although, these are just traits of someone who can lead other people into being better versions of themselves. Aries know how to use their traits and their personality to their own advantage, plus they are not afraid to get their way. If you want one person to be on your side, you should definitely choose an Aries because they will never let you down.

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It is no secret that an Aries will make a lot of enemies on their way to greatness... but this is not something that they worry about. Our dear Aries keeps a close-knit group of friends by their sides and they are not afraid to show their true selves to the people whom they trust. When it comes to friendships, ‘quality over quantity’ is their motto.

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As leaders, our Aries will need a strong support group by their side and this means that they have to be trustworthy. Before getting involved with an Aries, you have to know that trust is everything to them. Once you break their trust, you have to bear in mind that there is no going back and you can never regain it ever again!

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As natural-born innovators, it is to no one’s surprise that our darling Aries will dominate Hollywood. Some of our favorite actors are actually Aries and their zodiac sign will really help you understand their films and personality even more. Did you know that Keira Knightley, Scott Eastwood, and Reese Witherspoon are all Aries?

Image Credits: Getty Images / Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet.

Naturally, the silver screen is not their only focus because there are a bunch of Aries in the music industry as well. Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Pharell Williams are some of our favorite Aries in the music industry. Now, when you think of these people you may think that they are innovators...hence them being true Aries!

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December will be a month of discovery for all of our dear Aries out there since Venus will be on their side all month! For our Aries who are in a relationship, you might want to use this time as an excuse to dive into you and your partner’s mental depths. Venus will give you that boost of confidence that you need in order to progress your relationship.

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Worry not for our Aries who is single since Venus is still on your side. This means that you will have that extra bit of charisma when it comes to approaching the people that you are attracted to. Someone might also come into your life this December but they will come from a different background, so simply widen your horizons and see if this is what you really want.

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This month is looking pretty cheerful when it comes to our Aries’ familial relationships. Your personal relationships with your family members will appear to be in its peak even, which is really good. There will be no arguments headed your way this December so might we suggest that you enjoy this month with the people that you love most?

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As the holidays come around the corner, you might want to take your family out. It really does not matter where you go; you may go out for dinner, go out for a quick hike, what you decide to do doesn't really matter. The only thing that does matter is who you will be with and how this time together will strengthen your bond as a family.

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As we have previously mentioned, our Aries’ motto when it comes to friendships is ‘quality over quantity’. This means that they will really be picky when it comes to the people that they let into their lives and they really do not give out their trusts quite easily. Although this month will prove to be pretty tricky for the leaders of the pack.

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An Aries can read a person just by looking at their habits, actions, and mannerisms...and sometimes that can lead to overthinking. We have to warn you that a close friend will break your trust this month but bear in mind this is not a reflection of how you are as a friend. Try not to take this betrayal too personally and instead, live your life and let other people in.

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We have to be honest...this month is looking pretty tough when it comes to an Aries’ career. Most of your colleagues might turn against you since they may feel like you are moving pretty quickly and not needing any of their help. In order to overcome this, try to be more open and enlist your workmates’ help for a new project.

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Not only will this strengthen your work relationships but this will also boost your worth ethic. Remember that you do not have to be alone and sometimes being too independent can also lead to your own downfall. So just try and be open this December, because it really is for your own good!

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December is the month where our dear Aries’ health will reach its peak. This might mean that you will finally be able to reach your fitness goals, but this does not mean that your work here is done. Always remember that fitness is a way of life and good health is something that you have to maintain, so do just that.

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This month, we will be given the chance to witness a Lunar Eclipse, an eclipse that can make or break our moods. Worry not though because this eclipse will really help our Aries in deciding whether or not to invest in something that they have been wanting to invest in for quite some time now. Really think about it and think if this is something that you would like to do.

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Finding the perfect partner-in-crime for an Aries is never easy since they can be pretty bossy or a bit too honest. Although, one sign that comes to mind is Gemini due to their own bossiness, spontaneity, and their will to do everything greatly. This duo will surely dominate December and they can do everything whenever they put their minds together!

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Just like our dear Aries, Virgos can be quite the workaholics, a bit too independent and they also want to be the best in everything that they do. This means that these signs might go head to head in everything and that is not something that you want for December. In order to avoid any confrontation with a Virgo, you might want to stay out of their ways this month...

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There is a 50-50 chance that a match between an Aries and an Aries will be a great one. This month, you need to focus on what keeps you going, and having an Aries by your side can distract you. Although you have to bear in mind that nobody gets you more than an Aries does so you might have a decision that you have to get on with.

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Sometimes, an Aries’ stress level can really hit the roof whilst a Taurus really knows how to stay calm albeit with all of life’s distractions. This month, this relationship can be really beneficial to both signs so go and initiate a conversation. When life gets a bit hectic, know that a Taurus can make you feel calm, safe, and secure...and having someone like that is always a blessing!

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As we have previously mentioned above, a match between an Aries and a Gemini is really encouraged for the month of December. Some news might come as a shock to our Aries this month and Geminis can provide them with the support and the distraction that they need in order to move past this setback. Call up a Gemini and show them how much you miss them today!

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December can be really hectic for you and since one of your closest friends will betray you, you might have a bit of trouble opening back up again. It is also not a secret that Cancer is also another sign that does not open up quite easily. So this match between these signs might not be the best one for this month.

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We all know that Leos can be really touchy and most Leos love language is physical touch. Since our dear Aries is working on being loving this month due to Venus’ presence, a match between both signs may be very beneficial. If there is a special Leo in your life, then December might be your chance to have a go at it!

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As we have mentioned above, a match between an Aries and a Virgo is a no-go for December. Bear in mind that your careers might be a bit rough this month and having a Virgo by your side will make you all the more stressed out. If you want to focus on your personal and career growth, you should stay out of Virgo’s way this month.

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If you want to open up to somebody this month, then a Libra is the perfect sign for you. A match between an Aries and a Libra can be really beneficial especially if you are only looking for something a bit more on the platonic side. We get that our Aries can really have trouble opening up, but you will be surprised at how easy it will be to open up to a Libra.

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Scorpios are spontaneous and we all know that Aries worships their Google Calendars. If you want to focus on your careers this month, then forming a relationship with a Scorpio is not really advisable. Scorpios will never really understand your need for perfection and you might not be able to understand their need for a constant adrenaline rush...

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There is a special bond between an Aries and a Sagittarius, something quite magical about these two. If there is a special Sagittarius you wanted to take out on a date for quite a while now, then December is your best bet. This month will prove vital when it comes to our single Aries’ love life due to Venus’ take your chance today!

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The relationship between an Aries and a Capricorn is a give-and-take one. An Aries needs to feel needed and a Capricorn needs to feel protected, so that is what they give and take from each other. Although, December might shake up these signs’ relationship with each other they will always have a reason to fall back into each other’s arms.

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A match between an Aries and an Aquarius can be a great one in December, especially since an Aries might be in need of a bit of sunshine in their lives. Our dear Aquarians are great at handling our darling Aries since they know what to give them and when they should give it. If there is a special Aquarius on your mind today, please give them a call!

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Another relationship that might have a 50-50 chance of working this December is one between an Aries and a Pisces. Now, these signs could not be any more different but that doesn't mean that this match is discouraged. If you want to explore your love this month, then why not try it out with the help of a Pisces?

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Since it is already December, perhaps you would enjoy a month-long movie marathon of something Christmas-y? Naturally, any films or series involving family and the holidays are quite popular so why not get on the cheerful bandwagon? Invite your loved ones and spend this wonderful time together.

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If you have no idea what to watch, then worry not because there are a lot of films for our darling Aries to choose from. There are the classics like Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and so much more! Plus, there are a lot of lists you can choose from so there is no need to worry.

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If you are ready to embrace the cheerful and merry spirit of Christmas, then why not have a blast with some classic carol songs? Might we suggest listening to the playlist Christmas Hits by Spotify? Putting this playlist on full blast will really get you into the holiday mood and you just might end up on Santa’s nice list...

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If you want to listen to something a bit more contemporary, then perhaps try listening to Taylor Swift’s newest album, Folklore? This is a great album filled with Taylor’s thoughts, and it will surely make you want to fall in or fall out of love... there is no in-between! So if our darling Aries are looking for something more enigmatic, then this is the perfect album.

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December might bring our dear Aries more leisure time, so why not spend this extra time doing what you love best: reading and learning? To keep ourselves in tune with the holiday spirit, might we suggest reading a classic literary holiday staple, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? You might even learn a lesson or two about your personal relationships along the way!

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However, if you want to read something more ‘up to date’, then why not read The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan? This is a novel about family, letting go, and finding ourselves again. This novel is such a joy to read and our darling Aries will surely think so too! Thanks to your erudite nature, reading always brings you joy so give this book a try! 

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We know how busy our dear Aries tends to be, and they get even busier as Christmas fastly approaches. So, instead of diving into a new hobby head first, why not try and do something every single day that will make your gift-giving a bit easier? Obviously, you really can not buy a gift for every single one of your friends and family as it can be a bit expensive.

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So one way to make up for the lack of gifts is by sending them a holiday card! Now, we know that cards need something in them, so why not practice writing a bunch of cards each day for anybody that you will have thought of during that particular day? At the end of the holiday, you will probably thank yourself instead of cramming on the actual event.

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As we end the year, let us all practice pausing and reflecting. Another month has passed and another one is bound to begin, and we should all ask ourselves if we really did make the most of it. Did you get to do most of the things you said you would do this past year? Probably not, so set your sights on 2021. 

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One way to really help us in reflecting and in looking back is meditation. Before this coming month starts, why not write down a bunch of events that you would like to happen to you in December and remind yourself of these events every day? In doing so, not only will you be able to track your progress, but you will also see how your work ethic has changed.

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Aries really do like being in control, and this is a trait that can be used to their advantage. The natural-born leaders of the pack should always make sure that they are in control of their lives... at least that is what people think that they should do. However, life really does have a funny way of making every single day super unpredictable.

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We can all list down everything that we should do in bullet points or we can always add them to our calendars. Although, more often than not, our schedules can be pretty packed... so we should always make room for errors and we should all be adaptable. This month will be quite hectic, challenging but still really beautiful for our darling Aries, so enjoy it. 

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We cannot believe it is December again, and we should always welcome it with open arms. What are you looking forward to the most this month? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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