Why People Believe Harry And Meghan Are Lying About Baby Archie

Royals just can’t escape from people’s scrutinizing eyes, can they? Even baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s birth is being filled with rumors. Are his parents really lying about it? In what aspect do people think are they are concealing the truth? Find out what people are talking about when it comes to the delivery of the seventh-in-line to the throne! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/DOMINIC LIPINSKI | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presenting baby Archie to the public


The rumors and paparazzi did not stop with Archie’s parents. The little royal became the target of the media soon after he was born. Well, all the royals go through it, right? However, in Archie’s case, it’s a little different. Even before Meghan Markle’s son was born, the rumors had already started. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Toby Melville - Pool | The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Archie during their visit to South Africa

First of all, skeptics believed that Meghan wasn’t even pregnant at all when the announcement was made. Oh, you say that there’s the baby bump as proof. Well, they were saying that it was only prosthetics. Others also speculated the Meghan is not carrying the baby herself, but they’ll expect it via a surrogate! Can the rumors get even wilder?

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson | Meghan Markle during a visit to New Zealand


There are those that believed that Meghan was really pregnant, but guess what? They think that it’s not one baby alone, but two! You would have thought that the rumors will end once Meghan finally gave birth. Of course, not! When the Royal family announced last May 6, 2019, that Meghan and Harry welcomed their first child, it even went crazier.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson | Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend a Creative Industries and Business Reception

Yes, it did put a stop to the baseless claims about the couple having “twins”, but it didn’t dry all the circulating talks. Just a few days after Archie’s birth, another strange rumor started to spread. And would you believe that rumors are capable of growing legs? Because this new unbelievable news seemed to. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Toby Melville - Pool | Little Archie being held by her mother


Three days after it’s announced by the royal family that Archie was born, Meghan and Harry introduced him to the public, posed for some photos, and answered questions for the press. That’s when the questions about the age of the baby began.  Well, it’s really Harry’s answer to the question about which parent Archie most resembled that started it all. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jeremy Selwyn - WPA Pool | Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, at the Rugby League World Cup 2021

Harry replied: "Everyone says that babies change so much over two weeks, so we're sort of monitoring how this changing process happens over this next month really." However, according to SheKnows, people think he actually said: "Everyone says that the baby has changed so much over two weeks." Now, was that really a slip-up that Archie’s born two weeks prior?

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson | Prince Harry during his visit to Tonga


There were some other signs that point to Archie being older than everyone thought even though his father didn’t make a little slip. Two weeks before the interview would have been the last week of April 2019 which is the time expected for Meghan to give birth. Meghan also confirmed that she was six months pregnant in mid-January. 

Image Credits: Image Credits: Getty Images/Toby Melville - Pool | Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and their baby son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Meghan even told one woman she was due in late April to early May, according to Entertainment Tonight, so it would be reasonable to believe that if Meghan did give birth in late April ... What do you think? 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Ben Birchall - WPA Pool | Meghan Markle at Cardiff Castle


Fans were also fast to point out that despite having a booming Instagram account at the time of Archie’s birth, the couple refused to upload photographs of him when he was an infant. One fan even had the courage to ask where the photos of Archie are. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson | The Duke and Duchess of Sussex out in London

“He’s gotta be 3 months old — and we’ve seen [Duchess of Cambridge’s] children at such a young age — even Louis was photographed at 13 days!” Also, they have noted how Meghan’s expression change after the Prince’s slip. Such keen eyes people have these days!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Indigo/Max Mumby | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the UK Team Trials For The Invictus Games Sydney 2018


Buckingham Palace revealed via CNN that Meghan and Harry would be keeping "the plans around the arrival of their baby private" and would share the news "once they’ve had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family."  The plans seemed to go out the window when the royal family announced that Meghan had gone into labor on May 6 though. 

Image Credits: Getty Imagesin/WireImage/Samir Husse | Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrive at Canada House

That day, Harry also met the press for an interview. As due dates are not exactly hard science, the couple could have changed their minds about waiting to share the details with everyone. Watch out though, there is still more that you need to know. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Samir Hussein | The Sussexes during Commonwealth Day Service 2020


It can be noted that on April 26, 2019, an ambulance, medics, and a helicopter were spotted near Harry and Meghan’s home. Also, after the ambulance arrived and prior to the official birth announcement, the Queen paid a visit to the couple’s house. Of course, that would bring a very big question.

Was the Queen there just to visit her grandson and granddaughter-in-law and see how they are doing or was she there to meet the seventh heir to the British throne? Remember, it is a royal custom that the monarch is the first person to be notified of royal birth. Hmmm, what do you think? 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell | The Duchess Of Sussex Undertakes Her First Official Engagement With Queen Elizabeth II


In his new book, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey explained that Harry and Meghan were less-than-honest with the press and even to their mass of fans around the world when it comes to announcing Archie’s arrival. 

He stated that even though Archie was really born at 5:26 in the morning on May 6, 2019, it was not announced until 2 pm that afternoon. Also, when the palace made an announcement, it was quite misleading since it implied that Meghan had just gone into labor when in reality, they were all home with Archie by that time. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson - Pool | Prince Harry


Lacey also let out some information that the decision has angered Prince William for he had followed the longstanding royal tradition of presenting his children to the public within hours of their births. There was something that Meghan and Harry can explain though. They claim their strong demand for privacy had to do with Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

Image Credits: Getty Images/ REUTERS/TOBY MELVILLE | Prince Harry and Prince William

"Harry and Meghan were resolute that their newborn baby's first sight of the world should not be the same insane and lethal camera-flashing that had attended — had actually brought about — the death of Diana," Lacey wrote. Well, that’s a good reason, isn’t it?

Image Credits: Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth- WPA Pool | Prince William and Prince Harry


As there is so much drama that surrounds his parents and the royal family, the child’s life is even more complicated than knowing what his real birthday is. His birth was confirmed by the New York Times as the first interracial baby in the British monarchy's recent history, so he will have to face some complexities. 

Image Credits: Image Credits: Getty Images/DOMINIC LIPINSKI | New-born baby archie

"So, unfortunately, thanks to Archie's royal status, when he gets older he will probably be forced to grapple with the private matter of identity in a very public way," Arianna Davis explained as she wrote for The Oprah Magazine. It’s sad because Archie has already been the target of rude remarks nearly for as long as he's been alive.


Well, even when he was in his mother’s womb, the child already had no privacy. It just can’t be denied that he’s born into next-level fame. He’ll never have the luxury of having time off from the press and the public’s eye. Regardless of what lifestyle his parents may choose for him, he’ll never be able to lead a completely normal life. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Indigo/Max Mumby

Regarding Harry, royal expert Roya Nikkhah said, "He's the most popular member of the Royal Family often in polls after the Queen, sometimes even ahead of the Queen." Naturally, Prince Harry's son is, as the expert revealed, "is probably going to have a life very different to most children." Come to think of it, he doesn’t even have royal obligations!

Image Credits: Getty Images/DOMINIC LIPINSKI | The Sussexes with baby Archie


Even though there are so many compelling signs pointing to an earlier birthday of the little boy, his official birth certificate puts an end to the conspiracy theories that are spreading. It was stated there clearly that the young royal was born at Portland Hospital in London, England not in late April, but on May 6, 2019

Image Credits: Getty Images/The Duke of Sussex/@SaveChildrenUK via Getty Images | Meghan Markle and Archie

He was introduced to the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle on Wednesday 8th May, while his mother’s mother is also present. The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and Earl Spencer were all informed and delighted with the news of Archie’s birth. 

No matter what other people may say about the birth date of the young royal, it will not affect how he will be brought up or how he will come to treat other people someday. Maybe they lied, maybe they did not, but it won’t bring harm to the country or the world, right? We could only hope that the boy will grow up strong to face all the rumors that surround him. What do you think about Meghan and Harry's little one? Be sure to share this article with your friends and family if you liked it!

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