2021 Horoscope for Pisces

2020 was a year that has brought you stable luck, so are you ready to face a new year that is still uncertain? One thing is for sure though, as a new beginning comes, the change will also be inevitable. Read on, dear Pisces, and see how your life will go in 2021 and get ready to embrace it!

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Psychic, empathetic, and compassionate Pisces is born on February 19-March 20. This water sign is the last constellation of the zodiac and is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This represents the constant division of the Fish between fantasy and reality. As the final sign, the Pisces are the absorbers of joyful and painful lessons.

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The sign is ruled by Neptune which is the celestial body that governs creativity and dreams. As it is also a mutable sign, Pisces can effortlessly adapt to their surroundings. They are invigorated by a shared experience of romance and music, and relationships with them are guaranteed to involve deep spiritual exploration.

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You may not have noticed it about yourself unless someone will say it to you but Pisceans are fixated on helping people feel happy, that sometimes it comes to a fault. Love is a big part of the Piscean attitude and drives on the whole. Fishes would like to feel loved.

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That is why you also intend to give as much as you possibly can to others. Most of you are also creative people, and you are great at reading other people! You will tend to show what you are feeling instead of saying them out loud and you can be expressive and would like to feel a human touch too.

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Because of their ruling planet, Neptune, Pisces are more intuitive than other signs and have an artistic talent. You are simply generous, compassionate, and extremely faithful and caring to the people that you love and even to the people that you just met. You also have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle that’s why you achieve the best emotional relationships.

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Your sign is known by your wisdom. You are also never judgmental but always forgiving. You are the most tolerant sign in all of the zodiac world. There are times that you would like to be left alone by yourself. People would love to be around you since you make them feel that you understand and trust them.

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As the saying goes, with our strength also comes our weaknesses so you should know that all the qualities that make you the best version of yourself may also make you look bad sometimes. Don’t worry though, it’s normal. Sometimes you can get too fearful and overly trusting because you are too sympathetic and kind.

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You dislike know-it-all people. Another thing that may also come off as your weakness is your tendency to become a victim or a martyr because of giving too much care to people who don’t even deserve it. There will also be the time that you would like to escape reality and it would frustrate you because you know you can’t.

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People who are born under the Pisces Zodiac have natural gifts of talent, so it would not come as a surprise to find many Piscean stars out there. First on the list is no other than a singer-songwriter, Rihanna who was born on February 20, 1988. Charlie’s Angels’ Drew Barrymore, Smokey Robinson, Seal, and Emily Blunt also belong to the group.

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No, don’t get us wrong with the EXs thing. It doesn’t mean that you will have a breakup. That’s not why you’ll have new exes. It just means that you will have new experiences and experiments when it comes to your love life this year. It will be more fascinating than it has ever been before.

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This year, you will be able to show your true value in front of your partner, and feelings, rather than letting the emotions surround you. You should also know that 2021 is a perfect year for marriage. All the single Pisces must also watch out because June-July is an intense period and it predicts a lot of passion in your life. 

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This is something that you need to watch out for this year. It’s already out in the open that Pisces people are the best friends that may ever exist because of your kind and caring nature. This means that you will put other people’s needs before yours this year, so people may sometimes take advantage of that.

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This is already the 21st century, Pisces. The time for being a martyr was over decades ago. Try to find the true intentions of the people that you are helping first because you never know. Are you sure that they will also be there when you need them? That is not about being selfish, it’s about looking out for yourself.

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This year will be tough at times so it is important to have people that you can rely on by your side and most of them will come from not too far away but inside your household. When we say that you must let them see you, it doesn’t just mean that you will show them your physical self.

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Neptune in Pisces will have a large effect on your personal and family life so the people inside your house may be the reason for your internal conflicts. That is why you need to let them see your true self. Be bare to them. Not physically, but emotionally and mentally. Show them what’s going on inside your heart and mind.

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Since you are compassionate, hardworking, dedicated, and reliable, the perfect occupations that you may want to go for this year are a lawyer, architect, veterinarian, or social worker. This year, you will be even more inspired to make a change in the lives of other people so you would go beyond the boundaries to help them.

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Inside your workplace, you will be surprised at how your colleagues will flock to your space. It’s because they find your aura to be a safe space and they know they can work right there beside you and not be judged. Your bosses will also find your creative work to be good, so expect a promotion by the middle of the year.

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Can you deny that for the most part you do not give money too much thought? You are more focused on your dreams and goals, but then you will try to make enough money to reach those goals. Well, that makes sense. This 2021, there may be times that you will spend a lot and also times that you’ll be stingy.

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Yes, your job is important, but the thing that you must be giving much attention to right now is your health holistically. You are likely to have to do things that will take a toll on your physical body. You must remember to exercise and eat right. Don’t go to work or an appointment without having your breakfast!

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Some Bronchial problems may also exist by August and September and for those who suffer from seasonal allergic reactions, be aware if you are out in the wind for too long. There may also come a time that you have to stay in a hospital so you better prepare for it as much as you can.

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A person like you who knows how to set your boundaries and keep secrets to yourself must be surrounded by people who will not question your choices and will support you for it. Here are the signs that will not hesitate to lend you a hand when you are about to step out of your shell.

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As Taurus are also introverts who need some time alone for themselves as well, they will not force you to let out what you are keeping inside but they will wait for you to come around. Capricorn will help you to think reasonably and they will bring a stabilizing effect on your life. Virgo will help you communicate comfortably.

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This coming year, you should be more focused on positivity so that means that bringing toxic people into your life in this new journey is a big no-no. In order for you to have peace of mind, watch out for these signs, and try to avoid them as much as you can.

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Sagittarius will make you think that you can work things out, but actually, they will never take you seriously. You may create a good friendship with Libra, but you must not take it to another level for they will find them too sensitive and will be irritated by you. Leo will feel like you’re stealing their spotlight, so it’s not good.

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This is going to be a relationship full of passion and attraction at first because you and the strong Aries won’t be afraid to show each other your feelings. But then, appealing as it may be, it would not last too long. You will be connected by some mutual likes instantly, but a long-term relationship will make you feel drained.

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If you really want to work things out, there is still a way though. If both of you will exert an effort and make the relationship sail together, then nothing will be impossible. Just a little compromise coming from both sides will do. It won’t be too hard for two people who are really in love, is it?

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The bulls simply love adorable things, and you know who’s adorable? Right! It’s you! There is a huge possibility that you two will create the best romantic relationship as you will enjoy intellectual matches and they will be drawn to your deep insights. Taurus will not push your boundaries and will know their place in your life.

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For a sensitive and intuitive sign like you, witty and clever Gemini will be some challenge to deal with. You should know that the opposites attract though, and there is still a chance that you and Gemini can work things out. The two of you love to observe so it will help you enjoy an emotional partnership.

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The challenge here is how you can keep your relationship going despite the differences and the difficulties that you may face. They will find it hard to appeal to your soft side sometimes, and you may come to a point of breaking when nobody would be the bigger person and will try to understand. Just try your luck this 2021!

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This will be one of the rarest and emotional relationships out there as you and the crabs will harmonize perfectly and will understand each other at deep levels that only the two of you can reach. You will not run just to keep up with their pace because they will be waiting for you in every step that you take.

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As you both belong to water signs, it would be good that you are together because you bring out the best in each other. Cancers will yearn to go home to a peaceful refuge and that will be you for them. You will empathize with each other and you will talk clearly about the things that you should both address.

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This will be an easy-going union at first because the two of you yearns to belong to a relationship. You will understand the feelings of the lion clearly, but there will be times that they won’t understand your deepest emotions. They may also feel that you are taking away their spotlight, so it will be a little tough.

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Be reminded to set your boundaries when you are with Leo, no matter how much you love them. You never know when something may go wrong. If they can respect the walls that you have set, then good, but if they will try to barge in without your consent, it would be better to let them go.

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Here is another pair of opposites that will be completely attracted to each other. Despite the differences that you two have, you and Virgo will walk extra miles to relate to each other and learn from each other. You are better off with someone who can bring out the best in you, and that would be Virgo!

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One of you will excel where the other lacks (so there’s no rivalry in the spotlight). You would like to have a serious and deep conversation about your different views and values and that will let the relationship sail easier. Some sacrifices must also be made as time goes by, but if it’s for Virgo, nothing can stop you.

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Libra will be the best companion for a Piscean heart. You often get lost in your own world and you would like to escape the real world for you feel so lonely here. But then, Libra will come knocking at your door and will tell you that they are there whenever you need someone to lean on to.

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The many things that you both have in common will make your relationship harmonious. As you both are creative, it will also be easy for you to express what you feel for each other in different ways and when problems will arise, there is only one thing that you two can do. Talk about it. Communication will always be the key.

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The scorpion will be intimidating for you at first, but then you will find them more appealing when you’ll see their emotional depths and deep understanding of sentimental value. There will be a few challenges though because Scorpio is a fixed sign and there will be some things that they can’t compromise on. 

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It will also be hard for them to try new things, but you’ll help them get out of their comfort zone and you two will be completely drawn towards each other with love and trust. You are not the best keeper of money so Scorpio will be the best companion to entrust with the budgeting. They’ll be a big help to you.

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Your calm and sensitive nature mixed with Sagittarius’ frankness and energy will lead to a combination with questionable compatibility. You two have not many similarities and you would first need to overcome the heavy burden of differences before you can proceed to fall deeply in love with each other.

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Sometimes you will feel that it’s a waste of time to be spending it with Sagittarius, but then, if you two will work on it and use your differences to complement each other, it will be not that bad. You will also benefit from each other’s wisdom and who knows? Belding your differences may create an explosive yet charming love life.

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You and Pisces are also somewhat different from each other, but you will not see the differences as annoying or difficult. Instead, you will find joy in it and you will utilize them to make your relationship an exciting one. You two will be the most classic case of opposite attracts.

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You will fall in love gradually at first then go all out after some time. It will be an extremely romantic process that we could only watch and swoon. If you are looking for a great partner this 2021, go and find yourself a Capricorn for you will not regret it.

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Thanks to your dreamy and visionary personality, you can attract intellectual Aquarius from a few miles away. You are both creative minds and you can materialize something genius together. This will make an explosively smart relationship and your connections will simply be remarkable.

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You two will be completely rooted in trust and your differences will be present but it won’t create any conflict. You two will be willing to compromise if it’s for the happiness of the other. Just give each other some space sometimes for you both need it.

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A relationship with a fellow Piscean will bring a bond that is quite silent, yet psychic. You will both notice that something is wrong with the other by just listening to your gut feeling and it will be helpful in your relationship as it shows that you two can rely on each other.

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This 2021 will bring great positivity in a relationship of two Pisces and it will be light but successful union. Just don’t do things in a rush. You know, like tying the knot. It’s not the perfect time to do it yet. Just enjoy a smooth-sailing relationship for now.

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You just can’t deny that you love things that are fantastical, can you? Well, here are some movies that will fill your imagination with happy thoughts this 2021. Alice in Wonderland is a great film for you because it’s all about a rather fantastic, strange, and a dreamland that would appeal to the aesthetics that you tend to enjoy.

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While The Shape of Water is a rather cruel world, the entire theme of this movie would appeal to you. It tells about feeling out of place. Spirited Away is also a fantasy story that has some dark and disturbing elements but is full of a rich, detailed fantasy world with beautiful aesthetics. Add them to your must-watch now.

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Music must always appeal to your heart and imagination, and as you are a sensitive and loving, Dream Tonite by Alvvays offers a diverse yet relatable perspective on the timeline of a romance that’s perfect for you. Loneliest Heart by Molly Burch is about heartbreak and moving on and is also perfect for your soul.

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2021 is going to be an exciting year full of opportunities for the Fish, so you better raise your head and grab them all before they pass. Just make sure to watch out for your health. Don’t stress yourself and so only the things that are fulfilling and good for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Have a fun year ahead!

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