Top 8 Most Expensive Things That Queen Elizabeth Owns

 Being a very influential figure in the world sounds like lots of responsibilities and thinks to take care of. Here, we will show you some of the pros the Queen has: a top 8 of the most expensive things that Queen Elizabeth owns.

1. Wardrobe

The Queen’s wardrobe It’s a unique and unprecedented display of fashion dresses. Queen’s wedding and coronation dresses, both designed by British couturier Norman Hartnell, and worn in 1947 and 1953 respectively, the pieces are described as a tour de force of craftsmanship.

Whether the Queen has a personal favorite or not, both her coronation day dress and her wedding dress are the ones that stand out the most. Those two garments are considered to cost around 1 million dollars each.

2. Stamp collection

Queen Elizabeth owns the largest stamp collection on earth, and after succeeded in making the Royal Philatelic Collection famous by putting it on exhibit, making it available for loan and using it for charities., In 2009, the former French president Sarkozy told her that he had started collecting stamps to give himself a calmer image. The Queen helped him by gifting him various masterpieces. 

The collection grew in such a way that when George V died it comprised of 328 stamp albums. These so-called 'Red Albums' still contain all the stamps that George managed to get his hands on. The Royal Philatelic Collection was born and soon grew in size. 

The collection started with  King Edward VII. Perhaps he bought it to show off in front of his son, but in any case, he was not planning to add new stamps. George V bought rare stamps left and right, and at one point even paid £1450 for a blue 'Mauritius two pence' stamp.

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3. Yoruba throne

Two tall wooden Yoruba thrones with straight backs, the arms, and legs with three stretchers, With a beaded crown on the crest rail, a red and yellow knot design on the straight split between blue and red tassels, further tassels on the seat,

They also have diamond patterns on the arms and legs and four lions on the upper surface of the gold beaded seat. The symbolism of the interlaced motifs denotes many aspects of spiritual life - power, the past, the future and respect for ancestors and descendants.

Since the eleventh century, the Yoruba people of West Africa have lived in the south-western area of what is now Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. Beadwork and royalty were closely associated in this culture, with vast quantities of beads considered a source of wealth and status. 

4. Boring Tunnel Machine

Like giant underground factories on rails, each of the custom made Crossrail tunneling machines had an external diameter of 7.1 meters, weighed around 1,000 tonnes and measure around 150 meters in length. The equivalent of 14 London buses end-to-end and a staggering 143 buses in weight.

One of this was named after Queen Elizabeth as a rainy day refugee. These mechanical titans are used to be named after the two Queens: Victoria was a monarch in the first age of great railway engineering projects, and Elizabeth is the monarch at the advent of this great age of railway engineering projects.

Though the Queen doesn't exactly own it, this may be the weirdest and most random gift she has ever gotten in her life, but when it comes to weird stuff, she knows more than the two of us combined. But, thinking about it, where can you put a gift that is almost as big as your house? 

5. Cars

The Queen owns several vehicles, but this three are her favorites:  a Bentley State Limousine is one of them. Being the official state limousine for her majesty and was a present for her golden jubilee in 2002. The car is often used during official events and is both bullet and bomb proof.

Another of her precious cars is a 1984 Jaguar Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon that was custom fitted with a number of exclusive features at the time. The royal car transported eminent personalities including The Queen, princes, and princesses and was auctioned for $77,000 in 2010.

The third car the Queen loves to own is a Range Rover queen Elizabeth was seen driving herself during the 2010 royal Windsor horse show and features a custom-made Corgi statue on the bonnet. The vehicle is valued at $400,000.

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6. Yacht

The construction on this ship began in 1952 and was launched on April 16, 1553. During its 43 year career, the ship traveled more than 1 million nautical miles around the globe. And after the ship was decommissioned in 1997, it became a tourist attraction.

The ship has moved all around the coast and has been seen in various cities around the United Kingdom. The ship was designed as a floating palace with all the trappings of luxury from the Queen's homes installed on board including silver cutlery, golden door handles, and affluent living areas.

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The boat had room for some of the queen’s cars and even had its own servants living quarters with laundry facilities and even a private hospital. The ship is more like palace floating in the sea waiting for the Queen to show up.

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7. Jewelry

Her Majesty has one of the largest and possibly most expensive jewelry sets in the world. Containing the famous crown jewels, this collection includes her royal crown also known as ‘Granny’s tiara’ which is one of the most expensive assets of the Queen.

The connection also includes the Collet diamond necklace with a unique drop shaped diamond pendant of 22.48 carats, South African necklace and matching bracelet, diamond earrings, over 200-year-old gemstones, a 23.6 carat uncut diamond from Tanzania and a marvelous black colored snuff box decorated with diamonds.

Some important gifts given to the queen include the Vladamir Tiara worth close to a million pounds, the Prince Albert sapphire Brooch worth 4 million pounds and the Cullinan Jewels thought to be worth almost £50 Million pounds

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8. Land

She is currently the only person on earth who owns whole countries and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. It's thought that if a total price could be put on the land, it would come in somewhere close to $33 trillion.

She is thought to be one of the biggest landowners on the planet, with her current portfolio showing around 6 million acres of land or, to put it into perspective, one-sixth of the worlds non-ocean surface.

I'm pretty sure when I say that only a few people in the world knew about these Queen's belongings, and although the number of objects and the valued amount are incredible, there is no way to spend not even half of it by the time of your death. It's best for the Queen to deal with it.

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