6 ways 'badass' NCIS women have changed and things they ended up doing now

NCIS is a series made in the US, known as Navy, which was translated as: Criminal investigation in Spain and in Latin America as, Naval Criminology, is a television series of the CBS network, which deals with a team of special agents of the Criminal Investigation Service of the Nation of that Nation. 2003 Below, we show you their biggest celebrities and how were their beginnings and how they are nowadays.

12. Pauley Perrette, in her beginnings

After years of work in television and movies (mostly doing commercials, playing vocalist for other characters, music videos and short films), she found her opportunity while attending a bar in New York and Perrette.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images

Thanks to a representative of the series, who met in the place, she achieved her character that would make her famous: play "Abby Sciuto", an eccentric forensic scientist in the television series NCIS.

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Image Credits: Getty Images

11. Pauley Perrette, today

When Pauley Perrette announced that she would leave the series, she commented that it was a very thoughtful decision she had made in 2016.

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Image Credits: Getty Images

The long time that has passed in this successful series allowed her to enter the list of the highest paid actresses of television. In 2017 she pocketed no less than 8.5 million dollars per season.

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10. Stephanie Mello, in her beginnings

Stephanie Mello did the character of Cynthia Sumner in NCIS. At the start of the series, her character consisted only of a personal assistant who worked closely with the rest of the NCIS staff.

Image Credits: CBS/ NCIS (Youtube/ Life is beautiful how it was)

Image Credits: CBS/ NCIS (Youtube/ Life is beautiful how it was)

She began to draw attention for the charisma that she placed his character, as well as her performance. In addition, her way of dressing and interacting with the character Leroy Gibbs made her win the affection of the audience.

9. Stephanie Mello, today

The character in which he excelled in the series NCSI term fifteen years ago, however, her fans still recognize her in the avenues when they see her, mostly because of her characteristic cavalier.

Although currently engaged in minor roles, such as commercials and the Nickelodeon series "Big time Rush". We all love her curly hair.

8. Emily Wickersham, in her beginnings

She stood out in her character as Eleanor Bishop, was one of the most striking of the series due to the imposing character that the actress imposed on her.

Although the series cost her the divorce she continued with her work very professionally and never let that affect her. No doubt he made the best possible decision.

7. Emily Wickersham, today

She has continued working on the series but she has also dedicated herself to cinematography, appearing in films such as "Gone", "I number Four" and "Remember". She continues to be the focus of attention in the series because of her way of staying always fashionable when dressing.

6. Liza Lapira, in her beginnings

Liza Lapira interprets the character of Michelle Lee in the series, is one of the stellar characters as it represents the legal part of the NCSI, although in the end it is discovered that she is an undercover agent working for another country.

5. Liza Lapira, today

Entering the world of cinema her first film appearances include Domino and the independent production of director Tony Scott The Big Bad Swim, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006. In 2008 she appeared in the film Cloverfield by JJ Abrams as Heather, and also appeared in Table for Three and in 21 Blackjack.

In 2009, she played actress Sophie Trinh, in the movie Fast and Furious, opposite Paul Walker, and in 2010 she played Alva in Repo Men. She played Liz (friend of Hannah) in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love of 2011. The first important role of Lapira was in the television series Huff.

4. Nina Foch, in her beginnings

During his stay in the series, she won celebrity thanks to her great talent and artistic work with her character Victoria Mallar, although she has only appeared twice during it, her fans will always remember her.

Image Credits: Youtube /  Movie Legends

Image Credits: Youtube / Movie Legends

3. Nina Foch, at present

Unfortunately, the actress suffered from Alzheimer's disease, so he died at 84 years of age. But her memory will remain unchanged in her fans.

Image Credits: Youtube /  Movie Legends

Image Credits: Youtube / Movie Legends

2. Tamara Taylor, in her infancy

Tamara Taylor played the character of Cassie Yates in 2005 at NCIS. She did not have much luck with her character in the series since she only appeared in two chapters. In spite of everything, She has continued acting in other series, where luck has smiled on her.

1. Tamara Taylor, today

After leaving the series, the actress has been very busy. In 2005, she played Debrah Simmons in the movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. She also had a small role in the movie Serenity.

In 2006, she appeared in the first episode of the second season of the FOX Bones series, playing Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan. During the first six episodes of this season, she only appeared accredited as a guest actress. From the seventh chapter, and appeared as a leading actress and her name and her image appeared at the head of the series.

Despite the ups and downs suffered by actors in the world of entertainment, they always leave an indelible mark on their followers, especially those who made a great effort to represent their characters well, they just became unforgettable.

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