20+ photos that clearly show what real Russia looks like

One of the greatest inventions of the human race is the camera. The following pictures show a myriad of shots taken in Russia. Some are confusing, some make us wonder why anyone would take a picture like that and some are just hilarious. Take a look at them.

32. No swings for the kids.

31. How did this happen?

30. Partying too hard.

29. Monks with a snowman.

28. Love with liquor bottles.

27. Happy soldiers.

26. Santa looking for presents?

25. Happy Meal.

24. Strong grandma.

23. Pink Hummer.

22. Why would you take a picture like this?

21. What if the passport got wet?

20. Putin and a priest.

19. Digging up snow.

18. Too much mud. Time for a picture.

17. Why?

16. Neighbors from another planet.

15. Great bottoms.

14. What?

13. Caught with the funniest expression. 

12. Strong Teeth.

11. Caught in the mud.

10. Not the best smile for Colgate.

9. Female Bodybuilder.

8. Is that a cucumber?

7. Wedding bliss.

6. Strong girl.

5. Super flexible.

4. Flexible grandma.

3. Sassy soldier.

2. Oops. 

1. Way to ruin a picture.

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