32 times the situation got way too awkward

There are situations we experience, that may be uncomfortable for some people, and may not be for others. However, the situations listed below, are without a doubt, very uncomfortable for everyone. Here, we will show you a list of 32 situations that got way too awkward for everyone.

32. Wait in the line to pay, for more than 5 minutes. That is CHAOS. You don’t get too obsessed about the people waiting in line with you.

31. Listen to the snoring coming from your family or friends in the middle of the night. Unless you are the one who snores. That is embarrassing.

30. You start taking pictures of people, without realizing it, and suddenly you notice the flash was activated.

29. When someone invites you to a Halloween party and the only guest who is dressed up in a costume is you. It´s always a good idea ask before going to the party.

28. Make sure you check in Google how to spell a word before you tattoo it on your body and your catastrophically bad typo gets timeless in your skin.

27. You take a selfie with friends and after double-checking, it all went very well, until you realize that someone else is in it and you do not even know it.

26. This happens more often that you may want to admit to yourself.

25. Before stepping out of the bathroom make sure you look good and check in a mirror unless you want to model with a piece of toilet paper hanging.

24. When a man goes to the gynecologist’s office and asks if the figure he observes (the woman’s womb) is a sports logo (Texas Longhorn).

23. When someone whom you just met, discovers that you have been searching out about him on the internet, just because you show him his picture on your phone, by mistake.

22. You are sitting in the subway wearing your original footwear when you notice the person sitting in front of you wearing the same shoes as you.

21. He does not know how to make a proposal, and the most original idea that comes to mind is giving the ring inserted on a hamburger.

20. You go out and wait at the bus stop, just to realize there is another person wearing the same as you.

19. You want to show your bearded face on a post. You use an app to edit the picture, and then forget to delete the name of the app from it.

18. You are excited in the front row dancing with the audience and then you realize that everyone is sitting and you are the only one standing.

17. When you have a childhood picture that embarrasses you and your friend watches it and make uncomfortable comments about how you used to look, and you get annoyed.

16. Misunderstanding happens all by accident. Like that time when a child calls his teacher “mom”, and then you write “I love you” to your boss when it was meant for your boyfriend. OMG.

15. In itself, it is embarrassing when someone on the street dresses exactly like you. But it gets even worse when he is sitting next to you.

14. When you finish buying your coffee, and while trying to leave the store, you run into the door, but you are unable to notice it because it was made of glass, and super clean, that it made you spill all the coffee.

13. There’s nothing alike when it comes to your wedding day. Everything gets so rushed, with so many things to do, and suddenly you read the car and it reads “Just Marriede”!

12. When you meet Tom Hanks in a bar and instead of talking to him, you fall asleep, instead.

11. When your friend needs to be held up to be able to reach out to kiss her boyfriend, and you are the one who raises her up on your shoulders.

10. When you are on Facebook, advocating for the prohibition of something meaningless, due to your own ignorance of the matter. You should do some research online first.

9. When you are trying to park your car in a totally empty parking lot, and you managed to hit the car with a power pole. This is priceless.

8. Decide to take a picture of three people, and the one in the middle decides to pose as if he was hugging them without even touching them.

7. See people wearing some out of the ordinary fashion styles, such having a toe outside of your shoes. It looks weird AF.

6. A man enters a women’s restroom and finds himself locked up watching and waiting for no one to be around, but they keep coming. This has to be an agony.

5. When you mistakenly take the dentist’s finger and suck it instead of taking the tool doing the poking (suction the water out of the mouth).

4. When after a drunken stupor, you do not know where you are going to end up, and then you ended falling asleep outdoors, in the middle of the garden.

3. When you see on the news that there is danger in a place because they have an inch of snow, but it is always, with it or not.

2. You want to get a tattoo and you know a friend who can make it cheaper than anyone else, but it doesn’t end up looking like the one in the picture.

1. You notice on Twitter, a person posing in the Eiffel tower and wrote: “I finally got to visit the empire state building”. Is it a joke?

What did you think of the previous list? Have any of these ever happened to you? I’m sure you are able to remember an awkward moment. Surely there are many more uncomfortable situations that you have experienced, and they are probably not on this list. They all got funny after a while.

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