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Movies Dec 26, 2019
Meet 7 of Meg Ryan and Her Ex John Mellencamp's Children The Heirs of the Celebrity Couple
The great family that the artists had managed to form during the eight years that, with comings and goings, have passed together has a great relationship and deep-seated affections.
Royal Kids Dec 20, 2019
Meet Queen Elizabeth's 8 Great-Grandchildren: Half of Them Don't Have Royal Titles
Today, the third generation of the Queen's descendants consists of eight children. While some have been in the limelight since their birth, others have been less known to the public. Some don't even have titles. Here is little more about what there is to know about each one of them.
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Celebrity Jan 09, 2020
Meet Al Roker's Beloved Wife and Two Beautiful Kids
Their marriage of nearly 25 years and the beautiful children that came out of it are this couple’s biggest adventure. Let’s take a look at Al and Deborah’s beloved daughter and son.
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Celebrity Jan 09, 2020
Meet Julia Roberts' Beautiful Family: Famous Husband and Three Rarely-Seen Kids
Life is beautiful for Julia Roberts who walks through it with the man who helped nurture her in becoming the happiest she's ever been. Now, raising their children, Julia and husband Danny Moder face the ever-changing challenges of parenthood with a firm but loving open-mindedness.
Royal Kids Jan 09, 2020
Why Princess Charlotte Is Not a Daddy’s Girl And How She Follows Diana's Footsteps
Princess Charlotte has captured the public's heart! From her dress sense to her mannerisms, everything about her is drool worthy. Could she have gotten some of these from her paternal grandmother, Princess Diana? Maybe.
Royal Family Nov 30, 2019
Sophie Countess of Wessex: the Woman Who Has More Royal Power Than It Seems
There's one thing that seemed to have caused a rift between Countess Sophie and other royal women - including Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. And the worst part? The Countess didn’t do anything wrong personally - it was all because of the way she was introduced to the family.
TV Shows Jan 16, 2020
Meet Real-Life Spouses of the 'Blue Bloods' Cast
The police drama series "Blue Bloods" debuted in September 2010.  It returned to screens for the tenth season earlier this year and fans can't seem to get enough of the popular show.
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Celebrity Dec 26, 2019
Meet Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Four Children Including One Superstar Daughter
Rock n roll superstar Steven Tyler has one of the fastest mouths alive and has a brilliant voice, but is also a family man with four children. Meet all of them!
Royal Family Nov 30, 2019
Media Speculates Reasons That Led To Kate Middleton’s Reported Feud With Camilla
Kate has been a loving wife and mother, but someone in the Royal Family does not think much of her. Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles is not Kate’s biggest admirer. Here are the details.
Getty Images
TV Shows Jan 07, 2020
Alex Trebek and His Wife Are Proud Parents of Two Beautiful Children - Meet His Beautiful Family
The Canadian-American TV personality most known for hosting the game show “Jeopardy!” since 1984 is the father of three children out of his two marriages. These are the pillars that support Trebek in his health struggle.
Getty Images
TV Shows Jan 13, 2020
Difficult Times of Valerie Bertinelli: From Her Really Sad Wedding Day to a Painful Divorce
Valerie Bertinelli might portray the image of living a blessed life but her reality is a little different. She has suffered through her fair share of painful experiences.
Celebrity Dec 27, 2019
History Behind TOP-6 Actors’ Feuds
Even if most celebrities pretend to be polite and friendly in interviews, some of them just can’t stand each other. Did Sylvester Stallone fight with Richard Gere because of some chicken? Why does George Clooney despise DiCaprio and Russell Crowe?
Getty Images.
Celebrity Jan 13, 2020
Meet Martin Sheen's Four Children Who Follow in Their Dad's Footsteps
With big acting shoes to fill, Martin Sheen’s three sons and his daughter all became actors. However, life for the Sheen family didn’t always go as smoothly as it appeared. 
TV Shows Dec 05, 2019
The Good Doctor Cast's Real-life Couples
That feeling, when you're watching the show while also hurriedly Google searching all the details you can find about the real lives of your favorite characters. The same thing happens with The Good Doctor - fans are always eager to learn more about the cast's personal lives.
Getty Images
Celebrity Dec 20, 2019
Meet Michael Jordan's Beloved Woman and Three Grown-Up Children
NBA icon Michael Jordan was once married to a former model and businesswoman, Juanita Vanoy, whom he had three children with. All of them are now adults.
TV Shows Dec 13, 2019
The Reason Hollywood Won't Cast Miranda Cosgrove
iCarly was the beloved teen show during a few years. But after the series ended its run on Nickelodeon, we somehow lost track of its cast. We heard a little about iCarly lead actress Miranda Cosgrove's musical career, but then she fell out of the public eye. Why did she disappear from the radar?
US Home
Geek Nov 01, 2019
Features of US Homes That Foreigners are Not Used To
We've compiled a list of the biggest differences foreigners noticed in American homes. From walk-in closets to the fear of fire, there are some truly random things about the expansive country that you may not know! 
Getty Images
Celebrity Jan 09, 2020
Eddie Murphy Is a Father of Ten Children from Five Different Women
The famous comedy actor achieved fame in the 80s when he played the talkative Axel Foley in the franchise "Beverly Hills Cop." This role led him to star in many successful Hollywood movies and to be a renowned world-famous comedian.
Getty Images
Celebrity Dec 24, 2019
Inside Basketball Legend Shaquille O'Neal's Private Life With His Only Wife Shaunie Nelson
NBA Miami Heat superstar Shaquille O’Neal had an “irretrievably broken” marriage to Shaunie that lead to divorce after being partners for nearly five years.
TV Shows Dec 20, 2019
Destiny of the 'Gilligan's Island' Cast 55 Years Since the Show Release
One of American Television's most beloved cult comedy classics. Gilligan's Island shows you five passengers, a captain and his first mate setting sail for a simple boat tour only to end up ship wrecked on an uncharted tropical island. Now, 55 years after it first aired, the show is a cultural icon.
Celebrity Dec 27, 2019
The Reason We're Worried About Angelina Jolie's Kids
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have 6 kids together. And while the couple is still in the divorce process, people are worried about what impact would it get on their children? Let’s see how complicated it is to be a child in the Jolie-Pitt family!

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