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TV Shows Oct 03, 2019
Interesting Facts About 'The Brady Bunch' That Could Have Changed Everything
Cult Classic, "The Brady Bunch," captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Even though fans were obsessed with the show there are some interesting facts they might not know.
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TV Shows Oct 22, 2019
Difficult Times of Valerie Bertinelli: From Her Really Sad Wedding Day to a Painful Divorce
Valerie Bertinelli might portray the image of living a blessed life but her reality is a little different. She has suffered through her fair share of painful experiences.
Meghan Markle Oct 11, 2019
Body Language Expert Spots One Difference between Eugenie and Harry’s Wedding Photos That Says a Lot about Relationships within Royal Family
We look at the major differences between Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie's weddings. Body language expert has noted one fundamental differences between their official portraits, and it paints a rather sad picture
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TV Shows Oct 09, 2019
Meet 'Will and Grace' Cast's Real-Life Spouses
The comedy "Will & Grace" became massively popular since it first aired in September 1998. While fans can catch up on the latest developments in their onscreen lives with the show's revival, there is also something to be said about the real-life partners of these popular and funny characters.
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Celebrity Oct 22, 2019
Julia Roberts Is a Doting Wife and Mother — Meet Her Family
Life is beautiful for Julia Roberts who walks through it with the man who helped nurture her in becoming the happiest she's ever been. Now, raising their children, Julia and husband Danny Moder face the ever-changing challenges of parenthood with a firm but loving open-mindedness.
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TV Shows Oct 11, 2019
Meet 'NCIS: New Orleans' Cast's Real-Life Spouses
When they are not portraying our favorite characters, these actors and actresses are the stars of their own real-life stories, and we are so curious to know whom do they share their romantic adventures with.
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Celebrity Oct 18, 2019
Meet Al Roker's Beloved Wife and Two Beautiful Kids
Their marriage of nearly 25 years and the beautiful children that came out of it are this couple’s biggest adventure. Let’s take a look at Al and Deborah’s beloved daughter and son.
Oct 11, 2019
Weird Habits That Queen Elizabeth Is Known For
We know that most elder folks have developed strict habits that are ingrained in them forever, so the following article explores Queen Elizabeth II’s eccentric practices that confuse us all. Let’s take a look at the details.
Movies Oct 18, 2019
The Impact Time Had On the Beloved 'The Addams Family' Cast
'90s blockbuster "The Addams Family" and its sequel won fans over with their fresh take on the mysterious yet spooky storyline of the family. Here is a look at where the cast is now.
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Celebrity Oct 04, 2019
Closer Look at the Lives of Sara and Melissa Gilbert
Actresses and half-sisters, Sara and Melissa Gilbert, didn’t have the same father but shared a strong paternal influence that helped shape their adult lives.
TV Shows Oct 18, 2019
Meet 'Chicago PD' Cast's Real-Life Spouses
Viewers first saw the Intelligence Unit and the uniformed cops solve crimes as part of District 21 of the Chicago Police Department on "Chicago P.D." in 1994. Seven seasons later the crime drama is still going strong, however, does the same apply to their romantic lives?
TV Shows Sep 27, 2019
NCIS Cast's Real-life Couples
NCIS has been on air since 2003 and although it has already had 16 seasons and over 370 episodes, we're still excited to watch it. We just love to see Mark Harmon solving mysteries with his crew! And we're thrilled to know what's going on in the real lives of the NCIS actors.
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Celebrity Sep 25, 2019
Bill Hudson of 'Hudson Brothers' Famous Children and Wives
With five biological children and two famous wives, the eldest of the Hudson Brothers' musical trio, Bill Hudson has a complicated and tumultuous personal life.
TV Shows Oct 22, 2019
Beloved Spouses of NCIS: LA Cast
When they are not portraying our favorite characters, these actors and actresses are the stars of their own real-life stories, and we are so curious to know whom do they share their romantic adventures with.
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Celebrity Oct 11, 2019
Take a Peek into Sara Gilbert's Life with Her Wife Linda Perry and Their Three Kids
Actress and show creator, Sara Gilbert recently left "The Talk." She revealed she needed to spend time focusing on her family and other career moves she needed to make.
Celebrity Oct 22, 2019
Meet Kevin Costner's Love Child Who Influenced The Life Of All Of His 6 Children
Legendary actor Kevin Costner took his time to share his sentiments about being a father to seven children.
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TV Shows Oct 18, 2019
Reasons Behind 'Law and Order: SVU' Cast Members Leaving the Show
Twenty-one seasons later, NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit depiction of horrifying crimes is still going strong. However, over the years, fans had to say farewell to 12 of their favorite characters. But why? Let's dive in and find out what led to their departure. These are their stories.
Oct 10, 2019
The Story Behind Prince Charles Meeting Camila And Why He Chose Her Over Diana
Not many people know that Prince Charles met and fell in love with Camilla first. Let’s dive into how their relationship started and why he ended up choosing her.
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TV Shows Oct 03, 2019
Hard Times For Rick Nelson's Four Children After The Loss Of Their Iconic Father
As the son of Harriet and Ozzie Nelson, Rick became an iconic rock ‘n’ roll artist. After his tragic death, Rick’s children continued building on the family’s legacy while finding their way in life.
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Royal Family Oct 03, 2019
Fashion Expert on Why Kate Middleton Always Holds a Clutch Purse
When you are a member of the royal family, every single move you make in public has to be carefully calculated in order to keep the formalities right. This is one of the tricks in Kate Middleton’s book when it comes to fashion.
Royal Family Sep 23, 2019
Hidden Royal Love Child of Mark Phillips And Its Impact On the Monarchy
Perhaps, you know everything that happened between Diana and Charles, but do have the same info about Anne and Captain Mark? If the answer is no, then scroll down and go through it. Ranging from infidelity to illicit offspring, you will be shocked to find out all the events that unfolded!